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259Re: [E-Chir] Re: Scenario One

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  • Jackie Wyatt
    Jan 6 10:44 AM
      "Maybe it's time to come up with a structured action plan for Ealdormere
      events? (which of course, other Kingdoms could use if they so choose...)
      WOuldn't hurt to train folks on how to guide EMS into a remote site, for
      instance. If you haven't worked a Pennsic or Estrella you've probably
      never run into that one... TSivia"

      I agree, with the added suggestion that either an FAQ or specifically-Ealdormerian handbook be created? I admit it's been a while since I've really thoroughly read the society one, but I do remember it being a bit vague about things due to having to cover the Knowne Worlde and it would be nice to have some clarifications expecially as they relate to mundane laws here in Ontario. As an example, I can't seem to find the instructions relating to contacting the Kingdom Chirurgeon within 24 hours of having to call an ambulance (though it's possible I missed it somewhere in there with my keyword searching- I didn't have the time to thoroughly read the manual).

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