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254Re: [E-Chir] Scenario One

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  • tsivia@uottawa.ca
    Jan 6, 2009
      Bravo Xristina!

      I like this idea (having responded to something not utterly unlike this
      scenario at a camping event this past year myself)...

      So folks: thoughts? Comments? Ideas?

      TSivia (resting on her Laurels at the moment...)

      > Greetings everyone,
      > Here is the first of the training/discussion scenarios I was talking
      > about. I am starting off fairly simple in order to help everyone become
      > comfortable with the concept of these scenarios. As you will see, I have
      > given a description of the incident and then some questions for you to
      > answer. You are free to answer these questions on this list or, if you are
      > more comfortable, send them privately to me. As discussion continues, I
      > will add more questions as needed or, if necessary, some answers. In some
      > cases there are no right or wrong answers. However, in some cases there
      > are.
      > The purpose of these scenarios is to inspire discussion and to keep our
      > training percolating in our heads. Please remember that as chirugeons we
      > provide first aid. I am basing the treatments on Heart & Stroke standards,
      > as well as first aid standards.
      > If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me and I will do
      > my best to answer you. Good luck and have fun with this.
      > In service,
      > Xristina
      > ******************************************************************
      > Scenario 1.
      > You are sitting in your camp at War of the Trilliums enjoying a bit of a
      > break from the mid day heat and the event activities when you hear a call
      > for a chirugeon. Looking around you spot someone coming up to you. They
      > don't look panicked but they do look like they're in a bit of a hurry.
      > Spotting you they yell out that someone's been hurt at the archery field
      > and that you're needed. You grab your kit and start making your way to the
      > archery field.
      > 1. What kind of things should you be thinking about at this point?
      > 2. What do you think should be in your basic first aid kit?
      > As you approach the archery field you see a group of 2-3 people kneeling
      > around someone sitting on the ground. They are sitting in the open field
      > but are behind the archery line by a good 15 feet. Coming closer you see a
      > male about 25-30 years of age sitting on the field holding on to his left
      > ankle. He is breathing normally. He appears a bit flushed but you suspect
      > that could be due to the midday sun. When he sees you approach he grins up
      > at you as he explains that he wasn't paying attention to where he was
      > walking and stumbled into a hole in the ground and turned his ankle. He
      > states he tried to get up and did managed a couple of steps before the
      > pain got the better of him and he sat down again. When you look at the
      > ankle you see some minor swelling on the lateral side but no bruising or
      > deformities are noted. He states the pain is lessening and his ankle
      > movement is increasing as he rests.
      > 3. As you get closer to the scene, what should you be looking for?
      > 4. Once you are at the casualty, what's the first thing you should assess?
      > How would you do that?
      > 5. What do you believe has happened to the casualty? How would you
      > determine that?
      > 6. What kind of treatment would you give?
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