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243Re: [E-Chir] From your new Kingdom Chirugeon

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  • tsivia@uottawa.ca
    Oct 27, 2008
      Ninka wrote:
      > First off, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dame Tsivia for
      > all her work these last three years. It was under her guidance that the
      > chirugeonate ranks have grown to the numbers that they have and I am sure
      > that I am shortly going to realize just how much effort she has put into
      > this office. Wassail Tsivia and enjoy your time off.

      Thank you. It has truly been a joy to work with all of you for the last 3
      years. I will savour my "time off" and anticipate that I will find yet
      more things for me to work on w/in the SCA as well as outside of the

      Congratulations to Xristina for taking over the job and also thanks to the
      other 3 chirurgeons who applied. It was NOT an easy decision for the Privy
      Council to make.

      And now: onto kissing boo-boos!
      (just plain ole Mentor now)
      > I know that there are those who do not know me so I thought I would take a
      > bit of time to introduce myself and give you some information on my
      > background. I have been involved in the SCA for 18 years and though I
      > started in Castel Rouge (Manitoba), the majority of my SCA experience
      > comes from Ealdormere. During my time in the SCA I have held many
      > different offices and have learned from each of them. I am sure there is
      > more I am going to learn from taking on this one.
      > Outside the SCA, I have been a paramedic for over 10 years. As well, I
      > teach part-time with the paramedic program at the college level and I have
      > been teaching first aid courses for a number of years. While my work as a
      > paramedic is going to have some obvious applications within the
      > chirugeonate it is the teaching aspect of my experience that I most hope
      > to utilize within this new role.
      > Education is one of the best tools that anyone has to help deal with
      > situations. It is a tool that I personally strongly believe in and know
      > that everyone benefits from. While I understand that the Kingdom
      > chirugeon's role has very strong administrative aspects to it I hope to
      > bring an element to education to it. There are a couple of ways that I am
      > hoping to accomplish this.
      > Dame Tsivia had started the chirugeon's picnics at War of the Trillium and
      > included guest speakers. I thought that this was a fantastic idea and am
      > hoping to build upon it. More about this will be forthcoming as it gets
      > developed.
      > Another tool that I am hoping to use will be scenario discussions on the
      > ealdormere chirugeons yahoo group. What this involves is a posted scenario
      > to the list with some questions (and no, this is not a test) which can
      > then be answered either individually or on the list. My goal is to
      > stimulate discussion about actual scenarios seen within the SCA as I find
      > that discussion between peers is one of the best ways to learn. The
      > scenarios will be based on real-life events, preferably ones that I've
      > managed to dig-up through old event reports. This way they will have
      > direct application to our organization. These will not be starting until
      > January as I need some time to review the old reports and develop the
      > program. If anyone has any questions about this, please feel free to
      > contact me and I will do my best to answer.
      > And finally, as a reminder, all your event reports need to come directly
      > to me and if, at any time, EMS has been called to an event then I need to
      > be contacted within 24hrs of the event. This is SCA policy. My contact
      > information is at the end of this letter.
      > If anyone has any comments or questions for me, please do not hesitate to
      > contact me. For the most part I prefer email communication and I aim to
      > reply to all emails within 48 hours. I am usually fairly successful at
      > that goal. If you need information faster than that then please do not
      > hesitate to call me.
      > In service,
      > Baroness Xristina Viaceslavova
      > Kingdom Chirugeon
      > xristina@...
      > 613-572-1372 (cell; call or text)
      >  A reason people like dogs is because they wag their tails, not their
      > tongues. 
      > __________________________________________________________________
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