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2Pennsic XXXV griping

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  • Streonwold Wulfesbana (mka Steve Benetti)
    Sep 12, 2006
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      I guess somebody had better start the whining about what happened at
      Pennsic this year, and the fallout from that. I know that stuff
      happened of which I was not, and am not, aware. I also know that
      Kaellyn and the Chi management staff did a great job in an untenable
      situation, which I hope will never be repeated.

      There are many fallout issues associated with Pennsic, one of which
      has to do with liability.

      In considering that whole Pennsic debacle, and ongoing liability
      issues, I'm not certain that I'm interested in doing F/A in the US at
      ANY event, anymore. For example, one discussion on the Known World
      Chirurgeons Yahoo Group has had to do with application of simple
      triple antibiotic ointment. It seems that the ARC says it's OK to
      apply it, but there might be State specific laws that prohibit
      applying it. On the other hand, it's harmless, unless specific
      allergies are present. So basically, we can apply it, unless we
      can't. And even not applying it could be a liability issue, if it's
      available and not used, but it could have been and an infection
      develops. Similar considerations and concerns seem to apply to
      (relatively harmless) OTC pain killers.

      I'm not a Chirurgeon in order to better my understanding of idiotic
      American litigation and tort law, so I'll just confine my first aid
      activities to Canada from now on. I would like the Chirurgeonate to
      continue to consider me a Warranted Chirurgeon, but with the
      understanding that, if I do any First Aid outside of Canada, it will
      be as a private citizen, not as a member of the Chirurgeonate.

      Now that I've got that off my chest, I'm a much happier camper.

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