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175Trillium IV Treatments Report

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  • b1laxson
    Jul 1, 2008
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      Brian the Green here,

      Given the wonders of modern technology giving reports in via posting
      seems like a move we ought to consider. If its really needed I can
      surface mail these.

      Situation 1:
      Patient young female observed to have fresh small abrasian about 1-
      2cm across on right upper arm. Food substance goo including seeds
      are crossing the opened area. Patient is not aware of source of goo
      & seeds.
      No life threatening state and patient communicative.
      I am concerned of possible infection of goo covered abrasian.
      Offer assistance and patient agrees.
      Cleaned wound with antiseptic wipe. Offered bandage but patient
      Boo boo not actually kissed.
      Follow up observation:
      Patient observed later to be fully functional, wound clean in color.
      Dark red of a blood scab formed on one edge of treated abrasian.

      Situation 2:
      Friend of patient approaches Chirugeon Percieval whom I standing
      next to. Friend does not provide details but voice has a sense of
      urgency. We both move to attend.
      Patient, female, is communicative and requests privacy with
      Percieval which is granted. I relocate to block entrance to sunshade
      from other walkers by.
      Patient shows to Percieval a concern located on inner thigh.
      Percieval conducts assessment which is that a bruise of unknown
      source also has an insect wound in the center. Patient is concerend
      of possible allergy.
      Percieval is aware patient was given "reactine" earlier that day.
      Consenus is we cant be sure if there is a correlation between the
      bruise and bite.
      Patient is advised to monitor injury. Patient is also advised to
      contact Chirugeons if pain should develop.
      A mundane nurse is present (Vicontess Margaret) who is advised of
      the situation for advise and to be pre-informed in case state of
      patient declines.
      Followup observation:
      Patient is observed later that night enjoying the day normally.