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162Chirurgeon's Picnic 3 at Trilliums

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  • TSivia
    Jun 12, 2008
      > Greetings everone!
      > Well this will probably be my last official function as Kingdom
      > for Ealdormere, and it'd be great if as many of you as possible
      can even
      > pop by for ten minutes or so and say hello. Rumours are that HRM
      > will also pop by to meet everyone.
      > The 3rd Annual Chirurgeon's Picnic will be held on the SATURDAY of
      War of
      > the Trilliums (Heber Downs Park outside Whitby, if things are the
      same as
      > past years). Approx. time to start is 11 am (we are scheduled to
      be done
      > by 2 pm but if folks want to sit and share "no s*it there we were"
      > that's fine by me!), location TBA. Watch for a Chirurgeon's Banner
      for the
      > exact location.
      > I will definitely be on site for the event Friday and will ask the
      > to let folks know where the picnic is as well.
      > Picnic "rules": Please try to bring food to share with your
      > chirurgeon-mates (the last two chi picnics have had about 8 to 12
      > in attendance and I like to send out lunch for our Chirurgeons
      doing other
      > things such as Baron Garwig at his Saxon Showers, or Lord Percival
      on the
      > herald-squad). Period food always gets a good "OOOOh-AHHH" factor
      too. I
      > will endeavour to make sure we have a couple of tables for laying
      food out
      > - a beverage or two wouldn't be amiss either. Bring folding chairs,
      > pillows, blankets, etc. We munch, socialize, and discuss things of
      > chirurgeon'y interest. (The last two years we have had both Lady
      > my deputy, talk about the 911 system from the point of view of the
      > dispatcher, and Baroness Xristina then talking about what a
      paramedic EMT
      > needs from the caller before, and during, their response.)
      > Discussions are now underway to choose my successor: the results
      should be
      > known to the populace at Trilliums, as I intend to be stepping
      down during
      > Kingdom Court.
      > I've been 2 1/2 years in office, and I want to thank each and
      every one of
      > you for being there when folks needed you (and best of all, when
      they DID
      > NOT NEED YOU! LOL). The kingdom got two new Mentors during this
      > (Tabitha and Xristina), plus a host of fully-certified
      Chirurgeons. I"ll
      > remain on roster as an active Chirurgeon once I step down, so you
      > get rid of me QUITE that easily...
      > Hope to see some of you at Trilliums!! Bring some good food and
      some good
      > tales to tell!!
      > TSivia bas Tamara v'Amberview, O.L.
      > Ealdormere Kingdom Chirurgeon
      > Mentor Chirurgeon