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158Successor to Kingdom Chirurgeon position

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  • TSivia
    May 15, 2008
      To the Chirurgeons of Ealdormere, greetings!

      I am pleased to announce that I have received four complete
      applications to succeed me as Kingdom Chirurgeon for Ealdormere: not
      bad since, when I took over, that was the total of warranted
      Chirurgeons in the entire Kingdom!!!

      I have passed on all four applications to the Privy Council, and
      with luck we will be deciding on my successor at War of the
      Trillium. If the candidate is available, I would like to install
      him/her asap after the decision is made. I'm overdue for some R&R.

      I will also be talking to the autocrats of Trillies, to find out if
      they are ameniable to hosting the Third Annual Chirurgeon's Picnic.
      As in past years, the idea is a pot-luck where the Chirurgeons in
      Ealdormere can get to know each other, invite others who might be
      interested in joining us to meet us, and to talk about anything and
      all things which might interest us.

      So please try and join us (I'll update everyone on the Picnic
      day/time/location soon) for some convivial food and chatter.

      Good luck to all four candidates! No matter which of you succeed me
      in the position, I will sleep well at night knowing that my
      successor will do Ealdormere (and our boo-boos) proud.

      Cheers all!