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156Re: [E-Chir] Kingdom Chirurgeon position "description"

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  • dabernan@aol.com
    Mar 29, 2008
      appreciate the thought
      As shown my personal information is out there, I've never been one to worry to much about it.
      my resume has been "out there" for a long time and I'm sure all the personal information given isn't already out there somewhere anyway.

      In the society, My name is Drake Abernan,
      And if you "play" in Ealdormere, You'll probably just know me as the guy who moved up here from the East Kingdom who is part of Timberwolfe and GodWeisel.
      My Knight is Syr Gunter, (whom has moved to South Carolina).
       I was friends with Sarnac when he lived in New Jersey, and due to many extenuating circumstances has come to live and play in this part of the world.
      I'd be more than happy to have a few beers with anyone who would actally like to know more.
      or if you'd like to contact me "off line" or privately, let me know.

      Drake Abernan
      Thomas Blumetti

      H 519-928-5481
      e-mail dabernan@...

       Again, thank you for trying to "protect" my information.


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