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152Re: [E-Chir] Kingdom Chirurgeon position "description"

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  • dabernan@aol.com
    Mar 21, 2008


      Known for my abilities to get the job done right, it is my pleasure to submit my mundane/SCA resume for the Kingdom Chirurgeon position .
      Organization and Communication have been key in all of my previous employment positions, and is imperative in my roll as a Volunteer Fire-fighter with the Grand Valley and District Fire Department.
      I left the United States to make Canada my new home in April 2004, and started work immediately at Strand Lighting.  After almost two years with Strand Lighting they closed their Canadian offices and moved all operations to California , USA .  I have established a home for my family and have become rooted in my new community of Grand Valley .  I have always "played" with Ealdormere, and now have the opportunity to contribute more to my new Kingdom.
      I am confident I would bring with me a package of skills and experience that will provide us with an invaluable resource.  Having acquired the required certificates plus extra training  for this position, I feel I would be a benefit to the organization. 
      I would be honoured to become a member of the team, and am available for a phone interview at your convenience.   I appreciate your time, and look forward to personally discussing with you how my abilities can best serve our needs.

      Please find attached 2 files (SCA Resume)(Mundane Resume)

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