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150Kingdom Chirurgeon position "description"

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  • TSivia
    Mar 11, 2008
      Hi folks!

      As I have now started the formal process of finding someone to take
      over this position by Pennsic, here are my thoughts on what the job
      of being Ealdormere's Kingdom Chirurgeon entails. Feel free to ask
      any additional questions you might have, and feel free to drop me an
      application with:
      1) SCA certification (e.g. level in the Guild, also are you a paid up
      member, etc, years in the SCA and years in the Chirurgeonate at ANY
      2) mundane first aid background
      3) admin background if any (incl. for any other clubs, etc. etc.)
      4) any ideas you might have for the position
      5) why you'd like to do the job.

      Hoping to have to MAKE A CHOICE and have LOTS of good applications
      from many of you!

      The most frustrating part of the job is paper-pushing (EUUUUW):
      keeping a
      record of whose certs are expired or not (that's three sets: FIRST
      CPR, and SCA membership). That's the down part. I believe there
      are one
      or two computer systems out there that will track those dates for
      you and
      "ping" you when someone needs to be emailed about "you are about to
      expire" type of stuff. I'm a little more old-fashioned <and a
      more flexible>. If I've VISUALLY SEEN someone's cards, I will wait
      for them
      to get copies into me but will put them on my roster asap. If I've
      them and their expiry dates are not for some time I feel comfortable
      they'll get copies scanned, photocopy, whatever, into me before
      then. IF
      THEY don't I email them and drop them to "inactive" till the
      comes in.

      The 'up' parts: you get to be a sort of "cheerleader" for the
      in the Kingdom (or at least that's how I view it)...encourage folks
      work with us (they're covered under the SCA insurance that way), and
      encouraging the troops who have decided to chirurgeon with us. Keep
      eye on their reports coming in from any given event (there is
      SUPPOSED to
      be a report sent in from EVERY event, and if there was no Chi in
      then the autocrat's supposed to send one in. NEVER managed to get
      to do that however...!).

      The GOOD stuff is watching c.i.t. (formerly "apprentice") evals from
      events and being able to make CIT's full chirurgeons. Occasionally
      you get the REALLY fun stuff of moving a chirurgeon to Mentor.

      I've managed to get us from 4 warranted chirurgeons to about 28 or
      so in
      the 2 yrs I've been here, plus getting both Baroness Xristina and
      Maria-Katharina to offer at-cost training <not a lot of groups have
      ADVANTAGE of that, but hell...it's THERE!> for our folks. Kersketen
      up lovely new banners for the office (the old one was threadbare and
      PINK): one for the field (polyester..so it won't run in the rain)
      and a
      nice cushy one for court use as well.

      So we've even got a tiny weeny bit of "bling" for the office. And
      the Kingdom is having new shiny collars of office made by Mistress
      AElfwyn, so there'll be new bling to wear too. (Chuckling)

      The current Society Chi is an old friend of mine: Mistress Katrei is
      prepared to be the new broom sweeping a LOT of old deadfall out of
      office (BoD approved)...old chirurgeons who didn't renew their certs
      decades but keep pontificatting on Kingdom lists, badly trained old
      chirurgeons, etc. etc. She's not afraid of painting a target on her
      and I think the entire office will be much better off in the long
      run due
      to her actions. (There are a few folks who are well overdue for being
      turfed out of the position!)

      I view upping the profile of the Office as one of my important jobs
      in the
      last few years. The chirurgeonate overall has had a BAD
      smal part unfortunately earned (Keeping a leash on "rescue rickies",
      turfing them out completely), but the largest part due to very very
      old PR (from the "we don't need no stinkin' chirurgeons" era). I've
      my job as making sure both our membership AND the SCA in Ealdormere,
      recognize that we ONLY work at the first-aid level. Most of the
      folks in
      the corps in Ealdormere have HIGHER trained levels (duella, midwife,
      EMT/Paramedics, RNs, etc. etc.). But with that baldric on, they are
      ONLY working to first aid levels. When their additional level of
      expertise is called for they can just drop off the baldric and move
      to their mundane certs-level.

      I envision the SCA's chirurgeonate as Boo-Boo kissers: the coach at
      amateur league sport with the tensor bandages, ice packs, and band-
      NOTHING More. We had a fatality at Estrella this month: the folks
      engaged and worked on him till the ambulance showed up were the
      PROFESSIONAL EMTs we hire and keep on site. (he was gone by the time
      head hit the ground apparently: probably a massive heart attack from
      I've heard. I was at Point when the call came in so I wasn't directly
      engaged in the efforts.)

      So: being Kingdom Chi is about watching paperwork and encouraging
      who are properly certified and willing to put in a little boo-boo
      time at events, to do so.

      PLEASE ask if you see something I may have forgotten here. It's
      really not
      that complicated a task, in all honesty. I *may* spend 10 hrs a
      month at
      this, including writing up Chirurgeon letters for the Tidings
      research when it's called for, like the embolism article I wrote for
      Jolecia after Sarnac died). I don't carry a kit into events that
      <it's ALWAYS in my car> because I"m adamant that the Kingdom CHI is
      the default chirurgeon at every darn event. <smile>

      Oh yeah...and you become a member of the Privy Council of the
      Kingdom so you'll be expected to attend approx. 1-hr
      meetings ...hmmmm: x4/year unless there's something horribly wrong
      going on in-Kingdom. You can also send your deputy to the meetings
      for you.
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