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148US regulation: Volunteer Protection Act

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  • TSivia
    Jan 18, 2008
      For all who volunteer at Pennsic, Gulf Wars, Lillies, Estrella or
      other American events, our work is covered under the U.S. federal
      Volunteer Protection Act of 1997. here's a summary of the important
      stuff related to Chirurgeons, from Mistress Katrei, Society

      1- It limits lawsuits against volunteers serving nonprofit
      public and private organizations and governmental agencies.
      2- It protects the volunteer against claims of negligence.
      It does NOT protect the volunteer against claims of gross
      negligence, willful or criminal misconduct, reckless misconduct or
      conscious, flagrant indifference to the rights or safety of the
      individual harmed.
      3- Action and inaction are both covered in the Act.
      4- Individual states may impose additional conditions on the
      provisions of the Act, including additional training. Individual
      states may also provide that there is no limitation of liability.
      5- The Act does not prevent lawsuits.
      6- The Act does NOT protect the organizations, only those
      volunteering for the organizations.