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145Ealdormere "Go to" person at War

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  • TSivia
    Jul 19, 2007
      FYI: the switch in dates for Pennsic means that this year neither my
      deputy, Fursto, nor myself can attend. <SIGH>

      As a result I have asked Viscountess Kaellyn to be Ealdormere's "go
      to" person in case of problems or confusion, and she has agreed.

      IF you haven't met her yet, you should. She's one of Ealdormere's
      gems. You will be able to find her at the first aid point during most
      of War if I know her....<WEG> If you've got questions about how the
      Point is being run this year, talk to her OR MASTER JUSTIN (who is the
      CIC this year for War). If you have a more Ealdormerean Chirurgeon
      query, talk to Kaellyn.

      And have a safe, FUN War!