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144RE: [E-Chir] Chirurgeoning at Pennsic this year?

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  • Bethoc (Lesley)
    Jul 17, 2007
      As much as some may want to support our their political approach to this hot topic, the bottom line is that the priority for care has to focus on the individual attendee.
      Paramedics don't like being called "ambulance drivers" for example, but they will still take someone to the hospital who calls them an ambulance driver.
      I agree that if people are being cared for appropriately, it doesn't matter who triages or what the name of the post is called. They'll let us take care of what is within our boundary of practice. I'm sure the EMS guys don't want to be washing blisters all Pennsic.
      (mind you, I don't know if *I* want to be washing blisters all of Pennsic either!! laugh)
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