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142RE: [E-Chir] Chirurgeoning at Pennsic this year?

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  • Benetti,Sandy [Ontario]
    Jul 17 10:38 AM
      When you go to the link it words it a bit differently:
      "Per SCA policies, Chirurgeons provide care up to advanced first aid. More serious conditions are diagnosed and treated by the on-site EMS professionals. Ambulance transport is available on an as-needed basis. A list of off-site medical, dental, pharmacy, and mental health facilities will be available at the First Aid Point so that Pennsic attendees may arrange for treatment of illnesses such as sore throat or flu."
      The wording does make it sound like they send people to the Chirurgeons first. It says more serious conditions are diagnosed and treated by EMS.  Either way, the Chirurgeons still get to do our thing. Whether EMS does the initial assessment or we do is of no consequence to me.

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      Subject: [E-Chir] Chirurgeoning at Pennsic this year?

      Here's the announcement by Master Justin, Pennsic 36 CIC, on the
      Pennsic website:

      http://www.pennsicw ar.org/penn36/ GENERAL/chirurge ons.html

      As I understand it, the EMS crew will do the initial assessment and
      then send any boo-boos back to the chirurgeons to handle.

      I need to send my authorized chirurgeon list to Justin ASAP so if you
      have anything to add before I send this off (e.g. updating your certs)
      do it NOW.

      Thanks folks. I won't be there with you this year either..so have a
      great War and have one for me too!
      TSivia <KC Ealdormere>

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