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  • TSivia
    Apr 1, 2007
      Excerpt from a letter from Her Grace Duchess Caitlin Stuart. This
      is being cross-posted from the SCA chirurgeon yahoogroup.

      ANNOUNCEMENT re: CiT's at PW36

      Before I get to the meat of this I'd like to give y'all a bit of
      history (and perhaps an insight into my thought processes) into the
      reason why we were initially disinclined to allow CiT's. This goes
      all the way back to before the November meeting, and in fact to when
      I was first appointed as Deputy Mayor in charge of the Chirurgeonate
      at Pennsic.

      As I personally know next to nothing about what y'all do, in order
      to be responsible in my direction of this department, the first
      action I took was to enlist the counsel of someone whom I both trust
      and consider to be an expert in the field, Viscountess Kaellyn. (Hey
      Kim!). This was, incidentally before Master Justin took the post of
      War Chirurgeon/First Aid Coordinator.

      Among other things I asked Kaellyn: "If you were running this
      department and you had to draft a set of rules & guidelines that
      would ensure the physical & legal safety of patients &
      Chirurgeons alike, what would they be?"

      Her Excellency came up with a set of rules & regs, which other
      than a very few, very minor modifications, is basically the
      operational game plan that has been set before you for PW36.

      Understand that the Mayor & I didn't pull this game plan out of
      thin air, our heads, or other, more southern parts of our anatomy.
      We consulted an expert to try to do right by Pennsic War and
      everyone who attends it.

      Her Excellency Kaellyn's game plan included the "no CiT's at

      After careful consideration we have reconsidered and feel that there
      is no reason that (providing they are properly supervised) CiT's
      cannot participate in the learning & experience-rich Pennsic

      If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please dont
      hesitate to drop me a line.


      Duchess C