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126Re: [E-Chir] Revising the Kingdom Chi handbook

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  • James D Sena
    Feb 2, 2007
        Over here in An Tir we took the simple route.  Kingdom Law states the Society Chirurgeon's Handbook is An Tir's Chirurgeon's Handbook.  Mir tried to amend it putting Page 60 first  (The page that says Don't Panic!) but aside from that ....

      Lord Brendan ap Llewelyn
      Summits Principality Chirurgeon
      Kingdom of An Tir

      TSivia wrote:

      Hi folks!

      The Society wants all Kingdom Chirurgeon handbooks revised to come
      into conformation with the new titles for the 3 levels within the
      Guild. It's as good a time as any to look over the entire thing to
      see what needs to be added, dropped, or amended (after all, it's now
      REQUIRED that all autocrats file event reports to the K.C. if there
      wasn't a CIC there...plot to get more chirurgeons! LOL).

      Any volunteers? I think the last time it was updated was over 10 years
      ago, on Kaellyn's watch.

      Email me.

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