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114receiving reports from EMS was Re: Updated guidelines

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  • Bethoc (Lesley)
    Dec 8 9:32 PM
      this made me smile...

      Streonwold wrote:
      When I send a living patient to the hospital, they will have a note
      containing a full assessment of vital signs, a description of the
      mechanism of injury, suspected injuries, treatment rendered, and the
      patient's response to that treatment, as I've been taught.


      because quite often, I get "half" reports from medics arriving in the emergency (often they may have a "scoop and go" patient... but sometimes it's ... well... can't be bothered. I ask allergies? and they turn to the patient and say "do you have any allergies"). Whereas many first aiders I know are respectably trained to get a full history and give a *good* report!
      what would the world do without us?
      equally warmly,
      Beth{o'}c (the tongue twisted)

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