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Re: [DupontForum] Re: MPD at Safeway Corner, Tuesday 6-9pm

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  • Tim Kanaley
    So you mean people have to look past themselves for a minute and observe what s going on around them and actually care--even if its not affecting them
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 31, 2006
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      So you mean people have to look past themselves for a minute and observe what's going on around them and actually care--even if its not affecting them directly??
      wow.  interesting concept, but I fear it is far beyond the 21st century urban American.
      sad, pessimistic, but true.
      hell, when I try to get involved and educate or react, I generally get told to mind my own business ... the last time?  last week ... by a police officer coasting across a crosswalk while not looking... nice.  Good thing I wasn't an old lady with a walker, or else I'd be dead!

      lancefromdc <salonial@...> wrote:

      Effective policing requires extensive community involvement. We
      can't realistically hope to be protected without it. More police on
      the streets only translates to incrementally more protection, as it
      is physically impossible for the police to be everywhere. However,
      it is possible for us to be everywhere, and from what I gather, this
      event is being put on to educate us and get us involved in
      successfully policing ourselves ... which is really the only chance
      we have of ever reducing crime here.

      Lance Salonia

      --- In DupontForum@ yahoogroups. com, "Curt Shackelford"
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      > this is going to generate some hate mail but it has to be said-
      > as a veteran of 2 muggings in Dupont Circle....
      > the police who are going to be at this party--yes-- it's a party---
      should instead be walking the streets of Dupont Circle--- not eating
      & drinking and chatting about how to stop crime--
      > how many muggings will occur because these police are at this
      party?(yes i said "party" again)instead of walking the streets--the
      only truly effective crime stopper
      > less talking...more walking...
      > hey that rhymes--let' s make it the MPD's new slogan??
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      > From: Rob Halligan
      > Sent: Monday, July 31, 2006 8:47 AM
      > Subject: [DupontForum] MPD at Safeway Corner, Tuesday 6-9pm
      > Concern about crime this summer seems to be higher than in
      years. Come out to meet Dupont's Metropolitan Police and our US
      Attorneys tomorrow night (Tuesday, August 1st) at the Safeway corner
      (17th and Corcoran St.) for National Night Out
      (http://www.national nightout. org).
      > They'll have some drinks and finger food. (Many DC neighborhoods
      make a big deal out of National Night Out with huge BBQs.) Those who
      are concerned about the drug dealing in the 1500 blocks of R and
      Corcoran, those who want more info on crime rates, those who want to
      get MPD's take on cameras in public spaces, those who don't like MPD
      double parking, and those who just want talk to the people
      responsible for our safety should come out to hang out for a while.
      Just reminding MPD what issues you worry about when on your way to
      shop would good.
      > Rob Halligan

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