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Re: lands surrounding Bereny

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  • Kadmon Klorg
    Lord Fatahl al Akla, The green moss makes strange witchlight on the paper as I write, confined in the narrow tunnel of the Mage s Keep. Your dedication rings
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 1, 1996
      Lord Fatahl al Akla,

      The green moss makes strange witchlight on the paper as I write,
      confined in the narrow tunnel of the Mage's Keep.

      Your dedication rings true even in these musty halls of illusion.

      It is clear that all aspects of culture, religion, and society are worthy of
      examination even as we constantly seek to reevaluate our own beliefs. I
      would not seek to sway you from your Mission, only to remind we are all
      reflections of the one Light, and even heathens are of the Fold.

      I would be curious to hear more of the Red Mountain as neither I nor my
      companions have journeyed to Summer Ward.

      Kadmon Klorg, Priest

      >From: "lhaberke" <lhaberke@...>
      >Most learned Priest, Kadmon Klorg,
      >I believe you are quite correct, the efforts by our Missionaries to convert
      >the people of the neighboring lands will be very difficult, as well as very
      >dangerous! It will take a special kind of priest to undertake a Mission. I
      >currently am on a Mission in the Red Mountain Keep dungeon, quite unarmed,
      >and unarmored, and in the company of a party, which includes a southern
      >I, too, have just met another mighty barbarian, who speaks straight and
      >true of his own feelings. Ragnerak is his name, and yes, I agree, we are
      >greatful for their strength in the battle against evil. Yet, he is in a
      >foreign land, our land, and is expected to abide by our laws, our customs,
      >as our own missions are expected to abide by his laws and customs while in
      >his lands.
      >This is one reason we establish missions, to exchange culture so that we
      >may understand one another better. We also offer education, literacy,
      >mathmatics, and many other skills and crafts. In doing so, we extend our
      >hand in friendship, to work together in peace and harmony with others in
      >order that they may achieve that which we have achieved.
      >It is not compulsory that they take our hand, or even convert to our
      >religion, it is the choice of each individual. We extend our hand in
      >friendship, we do not withdraw it. The hope is that, by sharing with our
      >neighbors, they will have no need to enter our Kingdom and take by force
      >that which they desire.
      >Thus, I am uncertain as to why you feel such Missions are unjustified,
      >especially as your words are those of cooperation. Should we not offer to
      >share that which we have with our neighbors who wish to receive these
      >Fatahl al Akla
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