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Re: ESP In order to help spread this amongst the enchanters of the Great Library, we shall offer 3x the copy cost, or 600gp to get a copy. This is inline with what the
Gregory Croff
7:24 PM
Re: jpay email thing Ya, I use the player notice board often with players even if they have JPay. Since you have to pay to use JPAY I try to fill a JPAY letter up as much as I can
Gregory Croff
10:42 AM
Re: jpay email thing I don't know anything about jpay, but postal players definitely see the messages at the start of turns. Most of the messages are to or from them. Nevin
Nevin Steindam
10:27 AM
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jpay email thing Hi All Is there anyway to let the players who use jpay know I have sorted out a acct with jpay? Im thinking via the message bit on turns but not sure if they
Honest Ron
10:05 AM
ESP We at Glazeco after many weeks of torturous research have finally managed to unlock the mysteries of the ESP scroll.   It is not Emerald Sphere of Protection
9:47 AM
Re: Dame Sidhel and Dame Blastit ... Olaf, I'm afraid the Water Captain is on my planned route, while I will not specifically seek to engage him, I will defend myself vigorously. Dame Anne
Mat Hillman
8:35 AM
Dame Sidhel and Dame Blastit Dames Sidhel and Blastit, ..I am seeking a Water Captain for a Mission in Central. I spotted him and hope you do not beat me to my mission target! ..your
Richard L. Smith
Apr 19
Chat Anybody chatting?
Apr 18
Last Few Days Last Few Days Just a reminder that the Easter Special Offer is officially closed at Midnight this Sunday. Dungeonworld EASTER Special Offers
Madhouse UK
Apr 17
Re: Andy McMillan Yep he did.  Obviously Paul doesn't bother reading the Player Noticeboard anymore, Tony On Thursday, 17 April 2014, 10:51, Gregory Croff
Tony Roberts
Apr 17
Re: Andy McMillan Didn't he just post one on the message board? Greg ... From: wildwarp To: DungeonWorld Sent: Thu, Apr 17,
Gregory Croff
Apr 17
Andy McMillan Hi Andy; I no longer have a current email address for you, please can you send me an email to my wildwarp hotmail address? Many thanks; Paul Malone
Apr 17
Re: Meldora Castle Klud listened to the echoing voices ahead him. If they thought that he was worried about a few wraiths then they could not be more wrong. As for the Jade
Michael Bishop
Apr 14
Re: Chatroom Hi All, Apologies for my "no show" tonight. I got delayed at a Birthday party that became a little wilder than I'd expected! J I'll make it up later in the
Madhouse UK
Apr 13
In the Southern Glaciers - Near a Strange Pillar Hail, Dame Cara & Dame Raina! Which way you heading? South? We just arrived at this strange pillar via magical means from the Great College Ruins. Our ultimate
Gregory Croff
Apr 13
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In the chatroom doing orders for a bit http://www.madcentral.co.uk/chat-room/
Apr 13
Meldora Castle conversation ..." you see we have company? ".. ." oh, now I see...a Baron? " " Wonders...he's on business! " " You think he sees us? " "..no, he is worried about those
Richard L. Smith
Apr 12
Re: Chatroom Still lurking and chating http://www.madcentral.co.uk/chat-room/ On Saturday, 12 April 2014, 15:44, Cal wrote:   Just lurking in the
Tony Roberts
Apr 12
Chatroom Just lurking in the chatroom while doing some orders http://www.madcentral.co.uk/chat-room/
Apr 12
chatroominess His Most Esteemed and Worthy Fretwellness calls all those with nothing better to do to the chatroom. http://www.madcentral.co.uk/chat-room/
Apr 11
Re: Message For Tim Hoffman Wow that’s weird since I’m getting these emails through that same address. GoDaddy is handling my DNS so I’ll ask them why it only seems to be working
Tim Hoffman
Apr 10
Message For Tim Hoffman Hi Tim, You asked about why you haven't been receiving your emailed results for the last three turns. The reason is because your mail server is bouncing emails
Apr 10
Chatroom open http://www.madcentral.co.uk/chat-room/
Apr 9
Re: Calling the Assembley/Black Tower/ & Guild of Shadows Not ATM m8  Martin On Wednesday, 9 April 2014, 15:28, Tony Roberts wrote:   What no Dwarves Tony On Wednesday, 9 April 2014,
Apr 9
Re: Calling the Assembley/Black Tower/ & Guild of Shadows What no Dwarves Tony On Wednesday, 9 April 2014, 15:24, "martinsellars@..." wrote:   Hi, Could the guildmasters of those
Tony Roberts
Apr 9
Calling the Assembley/Black Tower/ & Guild of Shadows Hi, Could the guildmasters of those three guilds please message me martinsellars@... as I have characters wishing to join up :) Martin Sellars
Apr 9
Re: Casting New Scrolls ? Thanks, you are probably right. Real Bill M. To: DungeonWorld@yahoogroups.com From: scottv@... Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2014 19:38:01 -0700 Subject:
Bill Mayling
Apr 8
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Re: Casting New Scrolls ? I haven't tried with a non-enchanter, but they look like standard enchanter scrolls to me. For example, (MLi) Magic Scroll I examined the Magic Scroll. It was
Apr 7
Casting New Scrolls ? Who can cast the fancy new Scrolls (particularly Sheltering Veils) from the Shop in the Imaginarium - is it just Enchanters, or anyone who could afford to buy
Bill Mayling
Apr 7
Re: Setting the Scene Well everybody knows that Dwarves like Rock and Metal!
Apr 7
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