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90Hello to all

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  • Josh
    Apr 5 8:42 AM
      I just finished getting filled in on this board. I am quite amazed
      at the work you, Wayne, have done to get the history of the
      Duesterbeck name and it's members.

      As for Sarah (Thelen) and I, we were recently contacted on facebook
      by Wayne. I am the oldest child of William, son of Harold, son of
      William (Wilhelm).

      Deborah Duesterbeck (Ron's wife) is my aunt. William and Ron are

      There is a great pizza joint in Madison that shares the 'Grassnickel'
      name... I wonder if I could get a deal if I tell them we are

      We currently live in River Forest, where Sarah is a Hall Director for
      Dominican University and I am a daytrader, working at home.

      We have aspirations to move to Madison someday... maybe sooner than
      later. Let us know if you need help with anything. I unfortunately
      think you already have all the info about us...

      I guess I could fill you in with my immediate family and their
      weddings, etc. if there is interest...Maybe Deborah's outline is more
      up to date than the copy I have.
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