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86I need a favor!

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  • Mary Kay Nussbaum
    Feb 21, 2008
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      Dear Friends and Family, 

      OnFebruary 21, 2008 an amazing idea was birthed.  It surely was not my idea, so I am giving God the glory!


      Many of you know that a few weeks ago my sister, Janice found out she had cancer. It has reached stage 4.   The swelling on her neck was really lymphoma.  After many test last week the doctor told her that it was also in her lungs, stomach, and esophagus.  My sister has a home in Blanco , Texas . At Christmas she went to her daughter’s in Ohio .  It was there she became so sick and weak.  She is still in Ohio with Mary (her daughter) as she is closer to hospitals and doctors.  I have felt so helpless since I heard she was sick.  This morning, during a phone call with her son, I found a way to help her.  This week she will loose her hair.  I told him that I would take care of the hats.  After I hung up, the Lord spoke to my heart and a Holy Hat! Ministry was born. 


      Now for the details: 


      1. I ask that you send my sister a warm hat.


      1. Before you send it please say a prayer for healing and if at all possible enclose a note. 


      1. My vision is for my sister to receive hundreds of hats, prayers, scriptures and notes. 


      1. If she receives more than she can wear, I am asking my niece to take them to the  


            hospital for other cancer patients in need of a HOLY HAT!  The prayers and


            notes will remain with the hat. 


      This is a surprise for my sister and I know it will be a blessing to her. 

      Please send this email to all your friends and church members.  This way the idea can be

      used again and again for others that are in need.

      Send the hat, prayers, scripture and notes to: 


                               Janice Doddridge

                               %  Mary Burson

                               1173 Cindy Ellen Ct. 

                               Columbus , Ohio 43228 





      Expecting a miracle and thanking God as I wait! 


      Mary Kay