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Driscoll's of Australia - Update

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  • John O'Driscoll
    O Driscoll Clan Hi to all, This is just a note to advise that the Driscoll s of Australia web site has been up dated. We now have a listing of all
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 15, 2002
      O'Driscoll Clan



      Hi to all,
      This is just a note to advise that the Driscoll's of Australia web site has been up dated.   We now have a listing of all O'Driscoll's, Driscoll's, Driscol's, and Driskel's currently in the white pages for all of Australia.   The menu link is "Driscoll's Today".   There is nearly a thousand of us, and I guess it's time to consider forming an official branch of the O'Driscoll Clan in Australia.   I intend to work on this over the coming months, and when I have formulated a proposal, I will let you know.
      John O'Driscoll
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