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Re: TR7jumper board

8/4/2015 , DrakeRadio@yahoogroups.com writes: Hi Carl I have a DR7 but it is as they say kaput. Don't know whats wrong with it but most are repairable. Just
7:01 PM

Re: TR7

Hi Mike, What exactly is wrong with the DR7 board?? 73 Keith G3VKW From: DrakeRadio@yahoogroups.com [mailto:DrakeRadio@yahoogroups.com] Sent: 04 August 2015
keith evans
4:03 PM

Re: TR7

Hi Carl I have a DR7 but it is as they say kaput. I have ordered a very nice looking blue led display from China with adjustable offset. It should arrive at
Mike Davidsohn
3:59 PM

Re: Drake TR4C parts radio

HiIll take the Tr4C Do you have paypal? George NE2I On Tuesday, August 4, 2015 3:49 PM, "Joe W2KJ jotrom@... [DrakeRadio]"
George Cortez
1:33 PM
Joe W2KJ
1:04 PM

Drake TR4C parts radio

Howdy Gang: Started to resurrect a TR4C but have too many things going to finish the job. The radio is actually in decent condition...outside is nice inside is
Joe W2KJ
12:49 PM

Re: Drake L7 Meter

Adam and others I met a fellow that has many L7 parts including both meters contact Howard howardwalker55@... for the parts Paul K0UYA From:
Paul Kraemer
11:49 AM

Re: Drake L7 Meter

Sorry folks it bounced without the M of .com Carl In a message dated 8/4/2015 12:13:01 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, Chgypsy@... writes: Adam, ( and all )
10:43 AM

Re: TR7

Mike, There is an unusual "truth" table that goes with that board, ergo the pins may seem that they do not agree. The pinouts in the service manual were
8:40 AM

Re: RTTY with the T4xb

It has been a great nostalgic trip back in time listening to the stories of the early days of RTTY Garey! I remember getting a hold of an old Army Mars TTY
Curt Nixon
7:57 AM


Hi everyone have any of you tried to make a jumper board? I have a service kit coming from the US but I am impatient HI and have a bag of CD4050 (same as the
7:51 AM

Re: RTTY with the T4xb

Mark - Yeah, Irv was just getting into computers when I left. Forward Error Correction (FEC) was big for a while, ARRL even sent the bulletins with it for a
Garey Barrell
7:40 AM

Re: RTTY with the T4xb

Garey, So your the guy, ha? The DT-600 was sure a nice concept and like you said eliminated the backplane that was required for the ST-6. My first TU was the
6:59 AM

Re: TR7 Drifting, slightly...

Joe: Thank you for the xtals. I really appreciate it. Richard K7SD
Aug 3

Re: RTTY with the T4xb

Mark - No, I was a little earlier. There were about six to ten of us including Irv, on 14075.000. I think ARRL or FCC changed something in '75 that put 075
Garey Barrell
Aug 3
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