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Dragonlance News #30

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  • dragonhelm2000 <dragonhelm@dl3e.com>
    DEDICATION This issue of the Dragonlance News is dedicated to the crew of STS- 107, Columbia, and to their family and loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers are
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      This issue of the Dragonlance News is dedicated to the crew of STS-
      107, Columbia, and to their family and loved ones. Our thoughts and
      prayers are with you.

      Greetings, friends and fellow companions, and welcome back to the Inn
      of the Last Home. It's a somber occasion today, as a group of
      companions who went on one of the greatest journeys of all, a journey
      to the stars, is lost to us.

      A good friend of mine works down at NASA. While he wasn't working at
      the time of the accident, the loss of Columbia hit him hard. We
      talked today, and I know we shared some of the same thoughts. The
      Challenger accident came to mind, as well as the thought that
      Columbia was the first shuttle in space.

      This friend of mine shares one thing with all of you. He is a
      Dragonlance fan. Often, we have talked about the world of
      Dragonlance, and he has taught me much.

      Today, my friend received a very special phone call, made by none
      other than Tracy Hickman. Tracy is also a space enthusiast, and
      knows this friend of mine as well. I know that Tracy's call meant a
      lot. Thanks, big guy. You're the best.

      I would ask that everyone give a moment of silence for those lost
      today, and keep their family, friends, and loved ones in their
      thoughts and prayers.

      My friends, I know many of you are hurting right now. This is a
      tragedy, and a blow to the senses. How we face this tragedy is what
      is important. Life presents us with adversity and challenges every
      day, and they are things we must overcome. As adversity makes us
      stronger, so too will we be stronger after the tragedy of this

      All of you share something in common. All of you are Dragonlance
      fans. This is a bond that spans past borders and languages. It is a
      special bond. Today, you share that bond with a fellow companion who
      works for NASA. I hope, as my friend reads this, he knows that he is
      not alone. We're all here for you, buddy.

      I would be remiss right now if I did not bring you the latest
      Dragonlance news. Besides, I think my buddy would march straight up
      here and kick my butt if I didn't.

      So grab your hoopaks, my friends. The portal to adventure awaits!

      I'm sure that you're all dying to hear about what's going to be in
      the DLCS. Jamie Chambers of Sovereign Press gave us a tidbit a
      couple of weeks back on the Dragonlance-L mailing listÂ…

      "To clarify the situation with classes, all of the classes from the
      Player's Handbook can be played using the Dragonlance Campaign
      Setting. Monks are labeled as rare, and Paladins considered non-
      standard (though available with the DM's approval). The book
      introduces two new base classes and a number of prestige classes
      (some of which, like the Wizards of High Sorcery and Knights of
      Solamnia, will be standard features in many campaigns). The idea is
      not to limit your D&D experience, but to expand it. I'm hopeful that
      many of you will enjoy it!"
      --Jamie Chambers

      Thanks to Jamie for the insights. We're hoping to set up an
      interview with him soon, so keep watching.

      Craig J. Ries has been kind enough to assemble a product schedule for
      us. Please note that this product schedule is not official as of
      this time, and is subject to change. Thanks to Craig for his ever-
      watchful eye.

      *Winterheim, Icewall Trilogy v.3, Doug Niles
      *Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Chronicles Trilogy v.1 (hardcover,
      reprint w/ new cover), Weis & Hickman

      *Darkness and Light, Preludes series (v.1) (reprint w/new cover),
      Thompson & Cook

      *Dragons of a Vanished Moon, War of Souls Trilogy v.3 (paperback),
      Weis & Hickman includes preview chapter of Night of Blood.

      *Dark Thane, Age of Mortals series (v.3), Jeff Crook
      *Kendermore, Preludes series (v.2) (reprint w/new cover), Mary

      *A Warrior's Journey, The Ergoth Trilogy v.1, Thompson & Cook
      *The Players of Gilean: Tales from the War of Souls, anthology,
      edited by Weis & Hickman.

      *Night of Blood, The Minotaur Wars v.1 (hardcover), Richard Knaak

      *Brothers Majere, Preludes series (v.3) (reprint w/new cover)

      *"A Rumor of Dragons" & "Night of the Dragons", Chronicles: DoAT (2
      paperbacks, new cover for young readers), Weis & Hickman

      *Dragons of Winter Night, Chronicles Trilogy v.2 (hardcover, reprint
      w/ new cover), Weis & Hickman
      *Middle of Nowhere, Crossroads series (v.4), Paul Thompson

      *City of the Lost, The Linsha Trilogy v.1, Mary H. Herbert

      *Dragonlance Campaign Setting (3E) (hardcover), $39.99, Margaret
      Weis, Don Perrin, Jamie Chambers, Christopher Coyle; intro by Tracy

      *Age of Mortals (hardcover), $34.99

      *Key of Destiny (Age of Mortals Campaign v.1), $24.99 (tentative
      release date)

      *Annotated Legends, Legends Trilogy (hardcover), Weis & Hickman

      *Bestiary of Krynn, $29.99 (tentative release date)

      *Dragons of Spring Dawning, Chronicles Trilogy v.3, (hardcover,
      reprint w/ new cover), Weis & Hickman

      *Holy Orders of the Stars, $24.99 (tentative release date)

      *Kingpriest Trilogy v.3, Chris Pierson

      *The First Conclave, ? series, author unknown

      *Redeemption, Dhamon Saga Trilogy v.3 (paperback), Jean Rabe

      *DLCS is published under WotC
      *All other gaming products published under Sov Press

      2004 and beyond:

      February 2004:
      *Specter of Sorrows (Age of Mortals Campaign v.2), $24.99 (tentative
      release date)

      *Test of the Twins, Legends Trilogy v.1, (hardcover, reprint w/new
      cover), Weis & Hickman

      *War of the Twins, Legends Trilogy v.1, (hardcover, reprint w/new
      cover), Weis & Hickman

      *Time of the Twins, Legends Trilogy v.1, (hardcover, reprint w/new
      cover), Weis & Hickman

      *Second Generation, (hardcover, reprint w/ new cover), Weis & Hickman

      *Dragons of Summer Flame, (hardcover, reprint w/ new cover), Weis &

      *Unnamed Taladas trilogy, Weis & Perrin

      *Unnamed draconian novel

      Dragonlance.com is conducting an interview with author Douglas
      Niles. Go to our home page, and you'll see the link to submit your

      The hour is late, and I know many of you will not receive this until
      the morning. I want to leave you tonight with a quote from Dragons
      of Summer Flame, which somehow seemed appropriate on this dark day.

      Chaos spread his enormous arms, which seemed to encompass the

      "There is no hope. You have no gods. What have you left?"

      Steel drew his sword and raised it in the air. The metal did not
      reflect the fire, but shone white, argent, like moonlight on ice.

      "Each other," he answered.

      Long live the memory of STS-107, Columbia.

      Trampas Whiteman
      Co-chair,Whitestone Council
      Dragonlance Nexus
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