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Re: 14th Annual Tandem Wing Field of Dreams Fly-In

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  • dfwsfug
    Jeff The days leading up to retirement for ole soldier canbe an emotional roller coaster however once it s behind you it s great...like being on holidays
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 2, 2004
      The days leading up to retirement for ole' soldier canbe an emotional
      roller coaster however once it's behind you it's great...like
      being "on holidays" all the time. Here's hoping your treatments are
      successful, timely and good health returns. Good luck with flyin
      plans.Thanks for letting us know how things are going.
      --- In Dragonflylist@yahoogroups.com, "Letempt, Jeffrey CW4"
      <jeffrey.letempt@u...> wrote:
      > Hello Fellow Tandem Wingers,
      > If you attended the 13th Annual Tandem Wing Field of Dreams Fly-In
      that I
      > hosted last year at Sullivan, MO you will probably remember me
      telling you I
      > would not be able to host the event in 2004 due to the fact that I
      > scheduled to move overseas. For those of you who don't know, I am
      a Chief
      > Warrant Officer 4 in the US Army currently stationed at Fort
      Leonard Wood,
      > MO. My career manager decided that I should spend my last year in
      the Army
      > in Korea so he put me on orders to report for a 1 year
      unaccompanied tour on
      > 15 JAN 04. With that in mind I talked to Spud and he told me that
      he would
      > gladly host the 2004 event in Ottawa.
      > So what am I doing writing this email from Fort Leonard Wood if I
      > supposed to report to Korea on 15 JAN 04? I have been having some
      > with my back for the last 16 months or so. I kept visiting the
      doctor and
      > they tried different things.....none of which helped at all.
      Finally after
      > about 1 year of complaining (I really feel they did not believe I
      > anything wrong with me), they decided to do a MRI. Come to find
      out I did
      > have something wrong with lower back. I have a bulging disc,
      > spine condition, and something called spondylolysis. I have been
      > epidural lumbar steroid injections (3 series so far and another one
      > scheduled for next week). I had to go before a medical board and
      they gave
      > me a 6 month probationary period so that I could receive
      treatment. At the
      > end of that 6 month period I have to go before another board. I
      know this
      > is a long and boring story.....bottom line is I will likely just
      get to
      > retire from the Army this December with 20 years of service.
      > This means that I will be in the States the last weekend of
      September (no
      > matter what happens with my treatment) and I will be able to once
      again host
      > the Field of Dreams Fly-In in Sullivan, MO. Sullivan is really a
      > place to host the fly-in. They have a really nice airport with
      > facilities (the parallel taxiway will be the complete length of the
      > this year) and all of the support stuff (hotels, restaurants,
      > highway) are within about 1 mile of the airport. The airport
      manager was
      > great last year and has welcomed us back again this year. The fly-
      in will
      > be held from 24-26 September 2004.
      > I still have the event web site from last year up and running,
      complete with
      > several hundred photos. Most of the information will remain
      > except for the schedule of events. You can visit the 2003 Fly-In
      web site
      > at:
      > http://www.fidnet.com/~letempt/index.htm
      > I welcome you to join the Tandem Wing Fly-In email list on Yahoo
      Groups if
      > you would like to provide input about the event. The group is
      located at:
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TandemWingFly_In/
      > Last year we had 19 tandem wing planes (20 if you include the Long
      Eze) and
      > about 10 conventional airplanes fly-in for the event. I think we
      could see
      > 25 tandem wing planes show up this year if the weather cooperates.
      > to see more about this in Q-Talk and the DBFN in the very near
      future. I
      > will update the event web site this week.
      > Jeff
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