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Re: Rudder Removal

Mine is secured with 2 ea 3/16" bolts I have to remove 2 small nuts with a 1/4" wrench to remove the bell crank. I also have a #6 screw that goes through one
Jul 4
Jul 4

Re: Rudder Removal

Depends. If built to plans, removing the two rivets at the bottom of the rudder should allow you to lift the rudder straight up until the hinge pins clear the
Jul 4

Rudder Removal

The medal plate at the base of my rudder is rusted and I want to remove the rudder and repaint the plate. Is the rudder secured by more than just the two
Jul 4

Dragonfly For Sale

Friends, This is back on the market and I want it gone! Hit me up with an offer- you might be pleasantly surprised. And don't be too considered about distance-
Patrick Panzera
Jun 17

Re: Engine Cowling Issue

Thanks for the reference. On Tuesday, June 16, 2015 1:09 PM, "'rosbornrosborn@...' rosbornrosborn@... [Dragonflylist]"
Ellery Shakir
Jun 17

Re: [Dragonflylist] Engine Cowling Issue

I had a larger cowl custom made by a guy who does any custom glass work needed Sent from my HTC phone. ... From: "elshak66@... [Dragonflylist]"
Jun 16

Re: [Dragonflylist] Engine Cowling Issue

Call Joe at 979 848 7746 and ask Joe for a Bull Nose cowl. He did a beautiful job for my turbo Sent from my HTC phone. ... From: "elshak66@...
Jun 16

Re: Willing to sell

Please send pictures and price. Thanks Pat Patrick E. McNamara, IMO Fort Campbell, KY NCO Academy 270-956-1240 From: Daryl Miller pastordarylmiller@...
McNamara, Patrick E (Pat) CIV USARMY MSCO
Jun 16

Willing to sell

I have to part with my MKIIU. Immaculate workmanship. Approximately 65% complete. Text me for pics. Serious inquiries only. Daryl 956-802-1035
Daryl Miller
Jun 16

Engine Cowling Issue

Hello fellow Dragonfly owners, I'm hoping I can get some advice on an issue I'm having with upgrading the engine in my Dragonfly. The engine that was
Jun 16

Group Membership

Sir, Thank you for accepting me as a member.  As mentioned before, I own a Viking Dragonfly.  S/N 178.  N37X.  I have many questions and need lots of
Ellery Shakir
Jun 16

Re: [c-a] A new (free!) homebuilder's resource.

Pat..would you PM me at Smeshno1@...? There is a question on another aviation blog about a study that mighjt or might not have been done deaing with
Vern Lehman
Jun 15

Fw: National Anthem

Note:All my emails that are forwarded to you are send as (Bcc) blind carbon copy to protect your privacy and have been scanned for viruses. Please follow this
frequent flyer
Jun 11

Re: [c-a] A new (free!) homebuilder's resource.

In order to get our new book published, we reached out to sponsors and received support from the following: EAA Zenith Sensenich Revmaster HaasPowerAir Auto
Patrick Panzera
Jun 5
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