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    Re: ACoEE 5 Year Global Economic Plan ... ~~ ~~~ gentlest blessings every sister and brother, as you can see, I am praying for a (continually revisable) Five
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      Re: ACoEE 5 Year Global Economic Plan ...


      gentlest blessings every sister and brother,

      as you can see, I am praying for a (continually
      revisable) Five Year Plan for the World Economy
      (of wind and water, fire and stone, light and spirit) ...

      re: stewardship of the planet, guaranteed income
      and services for all people everywhere ... freedom
      from violence for all ...

      returning the living forests, ocean, atmosphere,
      and family in worshipful relation with the divine.

      something like ten bullet-point subjects, a
      page of text.

      all gentle, considered, nurturing suggestions

      after draft composition, will post again and
      ask for comments, cricitisms and co-signers ...

      as it circulates and grows worldwide.

      for every spirit, every relation, every ancestor,

      Millennium Twain

      note, replies will have to come to me through the
      LeagueOfTheLastDays, or otherwise with ACoEE or
      Blue Star in subject header.



      Five Year Plan of the

      Aboriginal (Nonrevolutionary) Council of Earth Elders (ACoEE)

      as of 13 April 2006, distributed via:

      current signatories:

      Millennium Twain; Aotearoa, Nagano, California
      Ashok Sharma, India
      Doret Kollerer; Iroquois, Turtle Island
      B.C. de Waard, Holland
      Antares, Magick River, Malaysia
      Sheri, Eastern Washington State
      Ursula Schloer, Cebu, Phillipines


      1) whereas the remaining large animal populations, on land and
      sea, of the Earth have been reduced to one percent of the
      natural levels of five hundred years ago ...

      2) whereas, similarly, only one to two percent of the planet's
      natural rainforests remain ...

      3) whereas, again, fresh air and water for all our world has
      been wholly eliminated ...

      4) whereas the sacred ways of indigenous peoples, the peace
      and quiet of divine nature, the knowing of creation, have been
      sacrificed to adolescent civilization ...

      5) whereas the melting flood of the polar ice is only being
      outpaced by the racing expansion of the land deserts ...

      6) whereas our global family, global hoop, has been forgotten
      by the inmates of the prison-camps of nation-states ... broken
      by 'terror-story' boundaries of razor-wire & immigration badges ...

      7) whereas the loving respect for sister and brother, mother and
      father, aunt and uncle, grandmother and grandfather, ancestors,
      relations, blessed cousins all ...

      has been replaced by soul-less misery ...


      we people of the naked earth most humbly kneel down and pray ...
      that continuously over the next Five Years, by 2011, we ...

      A) globally, each and ever one of us, 'outlaw' the abuse
      and disrespect for each other and all life -- that we release the
      pain and darkness within ourselves, that we may find the light
      and happiness in our relationships with every one.

      B) planet-wide, acknowledge there is no ownership of land or sky
      or water ... or person or living being ... or 'medicine' or 'wisdom'
      or 'industry' or 'service' or 'school' or 'ceremony' ... no private
      guild or other control/ownership of knowledge or anything which
      supports the health and integrity of the individual & community ...
      that we are, first, stewards of life and the wilderness; and, 2nd,
      guarantors of the water and garden and health and homes of
      all peoples equally.

      C) understand that all lanquages, all cultures, all wisdoms,
      all ancestries ... removing the violence and abuse ... are to be
      respected and preserved and included in the legacy of
      humankind as we grow and evolve.

      D) release all nonviolent peoples from all obligation/contracts
      of employment/servitude ... and begin restoring the water,
      replanting the forests, returning the land to the rainforests ...

      end the use of chlorine bleach, chemical soaps & toxins and ALL
      products which hurt the soil and damage the rivers and oceans ...

      end all ocean fishing (by net or from boat) and murder of the
      whales & turtles & dolphins, end all ocean dumping of trash and
      poison and waste, and wind-down all oceanic transport of oil
      and poisons and chemicals ...

      phase out ninety percent of the animal/meat industries, eliminate
      all torture and imprisonment of animals around the globe ...

      wind-down all deadly nuclear fission industry, ninety percent
      of the polluting and murderous automotive traffic, and any
      transport or communications or other industries which poison
      and kill and pollute the people, sky, land and water.

      E) license only automotive and transport drivers who are skilled
      and peaceful and respectful of life ... reduce roadway speeds by
      fifty percent ... permitting no cars or trucks or buses to come
      near any person or bicycle ... and make all roadways, 1st, the
      domain of pedestrians, and, 2nd, the privilege of bicycles; and,
      3rd, the passageways, only when safe, for clean quiet public

      F) form a global parliament -- in service of a universal global
      direct-democracy electorate -- predominantly of women,
      predominantly of elders -- to work with all peoples, all families,
      all associations worldwide to design global collaborations/
      celebrations of communication, preservation of culture,
      planetwide engineering, worldwide artistry and education,
      and a thousand times greater wonders than we can dream
      today, in this the year 2006.


      bless this 5-year-plan, that all may participate and be reflected --
      truly -- in the loving song of great spirit.


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