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  • juanjuan
    see if you guys are interested of this. Jane ... wrote: http://gd.dayoo.com/gb/content/2005-10/19/content_2263748.htm The Seventh Ambassador
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      see if you guys are interested of this.


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      The Seventh Ambassador "Chrisma Foshan" was finalized on the night of
      Oct 18 2005. THe two hours long show was broadcast live to all
      audience in the region. To everyone's surprise, an African by the
      name of Abudulah won the crown. (see pictures of the contestants from
      above link)

      Abudulah was in tears when the final result was announced. at the
      back stage he said to the newsman in fluent mandarin " i will call
      all my family and friends all over the world tonight, and tell them i
      won the Foshan ambassador championship". "and i will tell everyone
      China is my second home, Foshn is my most loved home. and I am a
      local Foshan ren. In the future I will take up the ambassador's
      responsibility, and bring all the beautiies of Foshan all over the

      Besides the ambassador crown, Abudulah also won the "Friendship
      Ambassador". He is an Enlgish teacher in Foshan. He speaks several
      languages including English, French, Chinese. The Foshan people and
      the judges were all impressed by the good knowlege Abudulah has in
      Foshan's history and culture, and also his artistic talents in
      African dancing etc.

      different from the beauty contests in HK and other places,
      this "Chrisma" foshan ambassador contest focus on four criterias of
      the contestants: "health, wisdom, confidence and appetence" . During
      the 3-month long period, more than 3000 people participated. there
      were all types of people from the old to the young and male to
      female. at the end of it, 16 finalists were admitted to the final
      contest show where 10 Foshan ambassadors were selected and among them
      the top three who were Addubulah, an male engineer and a female
      student dancer. every contestant showed his/her talent. some sang
      Cantonese opera, some performed dance, some singing, some played
      Chinese zither (¹ÅóÝ), some played pipa..... as the judges including
      executives of the Phoenix TV station said after the show, "it was
      rather difficult to judge different performances from for example
      dance to playing the zizther." while, among all different styles of
      brilliant performance, the taijiquan (chen-style?) performance by the
      engineer contestant (who later won the first runner-up) stood out
      gracefully and attracted applauds of many audience.

      Prior to the final show, the 16 "pre-ambassadors" went to Malaysia in
      an effort to promote Foshan and Guangdong lingnan culture. The
      Malacca government also had extensive cultural exchanges with the

      The Seventh Asia Arts Festival will be held in Foshan on Nov 11,
      2005. THis "ambassador contest" is said to be the prelude of the Arts
      Festival. in 22 days the opening ceremony in the new Opera House
      Foshan will at the same time indicate the beginning of of the arts
      festival. In due time, many Asian countries will come to Foshan and
      present their own cultural performances.

      Living in Foshan, many of us feel excited about this event and look
      forward to witnessing the beauty of all cultures right in front of
      our houses. while we also can't help but comment on the result that a
      foreigner winning the ambassador of Foshan and representing Foshan
      and Foshan people in this world event and think the local government
      and the people have to have a real open mind and an "all-
      comprehensive" attitude to have a black foreigner elected.

      i feel happy for Abudulah and feel happy for Foshan people. and,
      let's hope more exciting things will happen in this place and in the
      future. :-)

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