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    Jun 2, 2013
      DragonSeed Legacy File Index

      Files - Index
      DragonSeed Legacy

      1. China & the Chinese
        "Analysis & Understanding"
        Chronology of Chinese History & Culture - 7000 B.C. to A.D. 2004 (chronology.html)
        China - Strategic Geography of the Land (strategicgeography.html)
        Chinese Dynastic Timeline (timeline.html)
        > Vital Statistics (vitalstatistics.txt)
        > Chinese Inventions (chinese inventions.doc)
          1. Historical Lists
            "Short reference lists"
            Dynasties and rulers (Dynasties and Rulers of China.pdf)
            > Capital Cities
            of the Chinese Dynasties (referencetext-capitalcities.txt)
            > Chinese Scientists
            > Mathematics in China (referencetext-developmentofmathematics.txt)
            Early Emperors - Pre-history to Shang (referencetext-earlyemperors.txt)
            The 4 Beauties of China (simei.html)
          2. Cultural Lists
            "Short reference lists"
            Chinese Coins (referencetext-chinesecoins.txt)
            > Development of Chinese
            Writing (referencetext-developmentofchinesewriting.txt)
            > Different Styles
            in Chinese Painting (referencetext-differentstylesinchinesepainting.txt)
            Types of Chinese Tea - Common Names (referencetext-typesoftea.txt)
            > Chinese
            Units of Measure (referencetext-measurements.txt)
            > Chinese "Famous/Great"
            Novels (referencetext-greatnovels.txt)
            > 8 Major Cuisines of China (referencetext-8majorcuisines.txt)
            > Main Chinese
            Languages/Dialects of China (referencetext-dialects.txt)
            > 6 Canons of Painting
            by Xie He A.D. 500-535 (6canonsofpainting.html)
          3. Legends & Stories
            "Fictional or non-fictional basis for festivals and cultural events"
            > Duanwu (story-duanwu.txt)
            Mantou (story-mantou.txt)
            > Yuefei (story-yuefei.txt)
            > Zhongqiu (story-zhongqiu.txt)
            Art of Tea Drinking (artofteadrinking.txt)
            > Origin of the Dragon Dance
          4. Famous Battles
            "Short accounts of major/famous battles in history"
            > Battle of Chenggao 203 B.C. (battle-chenggao.txt)
            > Battle of Kunyang A.D.
            23 (battle-kunyang.txt)
            > Battle of Guandu A.D. 200 (battle-guandu.txt)
            Battle of Red Cliff A.D. 208 (battle-redcliff.txt)
            > Battle of Yiling A.D.
            222 (battle-yiling.txt)
            > Battle of Fei River A.D. 383 (battle-feishui.txt)
            Battle of Talas River A.D. 751 (battle-talas.txt)
            > Battle of Boyang Lake
            A.D. 1363 (battle-boyang.txt)
      2. Writings in the Sand
        "Articles, News & Stuff"
        Sad to see China so disconnected with its own culture (China Disconnected.txt)
        FACE, what is it? Giving Face, Not Giving Face, Losing Face, Saving Face
        It's Not Too Late for China - We can still learn and remember
        > The Evidence
        is Overwhelming... but yet.
        > East-West Differences (eastwestdifferences.txt)
        > The Spark of China's Future - Opportunity of Threat? (sparkoffuture.txt)
        > What's the deal between China & Japan? - Animosity and Rivalry (betweenchinaandjapan.txt)
        Something you won't be able to read from elsewhere! - Jane's side of the story
        Chinese Surnames are in Front - What, How & Why? (chinesesurnamesareinfront.txt)
        The Evolution of Mandarin vs. Cantonese (evolutionmandarincantonese.txt)
        Jane's Memories of Chinese New Year (memorieschinesenewyear.txt)
        > The Chinese
        Calculation of One's Age (chinesecalculationofage.txt)
          1. Grand Admiral Zheng He
            "Articles & Writings on the travels and legend of"
            > The Ming Treasure Fleet Sails (mingtreasurefleet.txt)
            > Zheng He: The World's
            first navigator (zhenghe.txt)
            > Ancient Chinese Explorers (ancientchineseexplorers.txt)
            Feature on Zhenghe and his Voyages (treasureship.html)
          2. The Americas
            "Articles & Writings on early Chinese exploration of"

            The Song Document (thesongdocument-mulanpi.txt)
            > Fusang from the Liang-shu
            > Fusang (fusang.txt)
            > Shang Dynasty Influence
            in the Americas (shanginfluenceintheamericas.txt)
          3. Chinese History & Civilisation
            "Articles & Writings on"
            Formation of the Chinese Civilization
            > The Continuity of Chinese History
            The West Debt to China (referencetext-extract-thewestsdebttochina.txt)
            Scholars, Philosophers, Soldiers (scholarsphilosophersoldiers.txt)

            Chinese invented "arabic" number system (chinesearabicnumbers.txt)
            > Chang
            Chien (Zhang Qian) - The Man who Discovered Europe (zhangqian.txt)
          4. Chinese Warfare
            "Articles & Writings on the Guiding Philosophies & Martial Traditions of"
            > CHINESE WARFARE -
            The Paradox of the Unlearned Lesson Part 1 (chinesewarfare-paradox1.txt)

            CHINESE WARFARE - The Paradox of the Unlearned Lesson Part 2 (chinesewarfare-paradox2.txt)

            CHINESE WARFARE - The Paradox of the Unlearned Lesson Part 3 (chinesewarfare-paradox3.txt)
            > CHINESE WARFARE - The Paradox of the Unlearned Lesson Part 4 (chinesewarfare-paradox4.txt)
            Gunpowder-based Military during Ming China (gunpowderming.txt)
          5. The Overseas Chinese
            "Their struggles, history and achievements"
            huaqiao early settlements - Kingdom of Demak (kingdomofdemak.txt)
            > huaqiao
            early settlements -
            Semarang (semarang.txt)
            > huaqiao early settlements - Port of Gresik (gresik.txt)
            huaqiao early settlements - Palembang (palembang.txt)
            > huaqiao early settlements
            - Phnom Penh (phnompenh.txt
            huaqiao early settlements - Cholon (cholon.txt)
            > huaqiao - Who are the
            Babas? (huaqiao-baba.txt)
            > huaqiao - Who are the Mestizo? (huaqiao-mestizo.txt)
            huaqiao - Who are the first Chinese Goans? (huaqiao-goan.txt)
            > huaqiao
            - Who are the Zhuzai? (huaqiao-zhuzai.txt)
            > huaqiao - Who are the Hakka
            Hai? (I) (huaqiao-hakkahai.txt)
            > huaqiao - Who are the Hakka Hai? (II)
            > huaqiao - Who are the Hoa?
            > huaqiao - Who are the KMT Burma/Thailand (huaqiao-kmtburmathailand.txt)
            Massacre and Slaughter of the Overseas Chinese (massacreofoverseaschinese.txt)
            China-Huaqiao (Overseas Chinese) Relations (china-huaqiaorelations.txt)
            Why the Prosecution of the Overseas Chinese? (whyprosecuteoverseaschinese.txt)
            "Sook Ching" - Japan's treatment of the Chinese of Singapore and Malaya (sookching.txt)
          6. Relevant Media Articles
            "Noteworthy Articles & News"
            China to add 5,000 years to its history
            > Heritage Under Threat (heritageunderthreat.txt)
            Pushup Bra (pushupbra.txt)
            > Oldest Chinese Writings I (referencetext-oldestchinesewritings.txt)
            Traditional Attire (traditionalattire.txt)
            > Stunning Capital of Xia Dynasty
            Unearthed (erlitouxiacapitalexcavated.txt)

            Chinese giant is up and dressed but still shabby (updressedbutshabby.txt)
            Flying in Ancient China (flyinginchina.txt)
            > Young losing interest in hungry
            ghosts (younglosinghungryghosts.txt)
            > 5,500 Year-Old Building Found in
            Central China (oldestbuilding.txt)
            > The Development Of Robots In Ancient
            China (ancientrobots.txt)
            > Cave Art Reveals Ancient Chinese Science Thrived
            > Romans in China? (romansinchina.txt)
            > Development
            of Money in China (developmentofmoney.txt)
            > Digging for Romans in China
            > 130-year-old Chinese fire put out (130yearoldfire.txt)
            Inksticks write an interesting page in China's history (inksticks.txt)
            Last inheritress of China's female-specific languages dies (China's Female-specific language)
      3. Maps (larger images)
        "Various maps of China and the Region"
      4. Music
        "Traditional or Current"

      Check back often for new files and updates!


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