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  • Gary Todd
    Jul 14, 2008
      The link is rather egocentrically called www.GaryLeeTodd.com. I have about 5000 photos posted now, but after I return to China tomorrow, I plan to buy more storage space and post a few thousand more photos. Then I plan to go to Shanghai in a few weeks and add hundreds of photos from the excellent museum there. Then in August I intend to photograph the refurbished PLA (Military) Museum in Beijing, while I also take advantage of free tickets to the Olympics. Throughout next year I will visit more museums as I find the time, and add them to the website. I also have photos from other places like Egypt, Rome, and Mesoamerica, but those are mostly monumental artifacts, and not the kinds you find in museums. Also, those were taken with a slide camera and rephotographed with a digital. The quality is not always so good.
      I also will post an entire course in Chinese history - about 42 hours in 28 lectures. I've got the first two up now, but we are having technical trouble which may take some time to solve. Hopefully I will have the entire course at the website sometime this year.
      Gary Todd

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