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Some local events June 2010

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  • Astarte
    Every Wednesday night in June at 7:00p.m.- Weavers of the Web Sacred Hoop Circle. Sewing and knitting and crocheting and meeting community needs to do with
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      Every Wednesday night in June at 7:00p.m.- Weavers of the Web Sacred Hoop Circle. Sewing and knitting and crocheting and meeting community needs to do with many venues.Held at WUFH. Potluck dinner during. email ladyastarte584@... or sisterhoodispowerful@... for more details and directions.

      Wednesday- June 2nd-7:00p.m.-Weavers of the Web Sacred Hoop Circle-at WUFH-Potluck dinner.Going through items to donate to garage sale being held at Goddess and the Moon in Nashville for the Nashville Flood Survivors and organizing craft supplies and activities for children.

      Thursday- June 3rd at 6:00p.m. at WUFH- anyone wanting to go to Sam's and help buy and donate food and personal care items for the Nashville Flood Survivors please meet at 6:00p.m.and we will be going to Sam's to get items to donate.email:ladyastarte584@... for more details.

      Thursday- June 3rd-7:00p.m.-Please bring any food and personal care items you want to donate to the Nashville Flood Survivors we really need to get as much down there as we can. After the Interfaith Community is served anyone with a FEMA letter will receive help. We will be delivering these items to Tish Owens at Goddess and the Moon in Nashville.
      They, also, need any items you feel will bring a price that they can sale in a garage sale that can be carried down there in the space of a car with the Food and Personal care Items. Just drop off donations anytime between now and then on the porch.
      email:ladyastarte584@... for more information.

      Saturday-June 5th-Tuatha invited you to "Drum Circle Facilitation" on Saturday, June 5 at 11:00am.

      Event: Drum Circle Facilitation
      Start Time: Saturday, June 5 at 11:00am
      End Time: Saturday, June 5 at 6:00pm
      Where: Gatlin County Leather Native American Legacies

      To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

      Saturday- June 5th- 5:00p.m.-Druidravensblade will be leading a workshop on Sacred Geometry. He has a new set in amethyst for the workshop. This is a much asked for workshop so come and enjoy the information for this wonderful workshop. Druid is a Third Degree Priest of the Craft and has 25 years of experience in the craft and has a wonderful way of taking difficult subjects and making them understandable. Come and enjoy this vast subject! Potluck Dinner during.Email: ladyastarte584@... for more details or druidravensblade@...

      Sunday- June 6th-1:00p.m. at WUFH- SIP- The Artist's Way-Recovering a Sense of Identity
      Chapter 2. We will discuss our assignments form Chapter 1 and then move into Chapter 2.
      Chapter 1 taught us to have a Sense of Safety and about the basics of Spiritual Electricity. We learned about Shadow Artists the enemy within and core negative beliefs,Your Ally within,Affirmation Weapons,Creative Affirmations,and Tasks and Check Ins.
      This week in Chapter 2 we will be Recovering a Sense of Identity- we will learn about Going sane, Poisonous Playmates,Crazymakers, skepticism,attention, rules of the road,tasks and check-ins. Bring something to share for Potluck Lunch.
      Everyone will have a personal Artist's date just with themselves once a week and Daily Morning Pages to help them journal their growth.
      It is Never to late to join us this study has value at each chapter so come and join us and grow with us! email:ladyastarte584@... or sisterhoodispowerful@... for more details.

      Sunday- June 6th-Shambala Level II- Part I- Held in Kingston- Potluck for dinner.
      Led by Druidravensblade. Held at WUFH. email druidravensblade@... for more info.

      Wednesday- June 9th-7:00p.m.- Weavers of the Web Sacred Hoop Circle-Held at WUFH-Working on Nursery Items for New Start Program for Mothers. Email: ladyastarte584@... for more details.Potluck Dinner.

      June 11th-13th- Serpentstone Litha Gathering at Splendor Hollow hosted by MAPS. Go to www.serpentstone.org for more details.

      Sunday- June 13th at 7:00p.m. at WUFH- Shambala Reiki- Level II-Part II-led by Druidravensblade please email druidravensblade@... for more details. Potluck for dinner.

      Wednesday- June 16th-7:00p.m.-At WUFH- Weavers of the Web Sacred Hoop Circle-making blankets for the homeless.email:ladyastarte584@... for more info. Potluck dinner.

      Sunday- June 20th- 1:00-4:00p.m. at WUFH-SIP- The Artist's Way- Chapter 3- A Sense of Power-We will discuss the Tasks and Check-In's from Chapter 2 and discuss our ongoing Artist's Dates and Daily Pages.
      Chapter 3-will be covering Recovering a Sense of Power- we will explore anger,synchronicity,shame,Dealing with Criticism,Detective Work an exercise,Growth, Tasks and Check Ins.
      Come and join us at any point of this study each chapter has it's own lessons.Potluck Luncheon.email:ladyastarte584@... or sisterhoodispowerful@... for more details.

      Sunday- June 20th-4:00p.m. on- Divination Party for SIP Fundraiser! at WUFH-
      Divination styles shared by many individuals. Come with your questions and have your past,present and future revealed to you. Lord P.B. Owl will be sharing I-Ching, and Bearhammer will be reading tarot and there is no time limit so we are not sure how many readings they can get done so it will be first come, first serve. There will be other tarot readers and rune readers there as well. This is by Love Offering and we will split the proceeds half to go to the SIP Food Bank and the other half to be dispersed among the readers to compensate for their gas and time. We have a lot of fun at these events and we look forward to seeing you there! Email ladyastarte584@... for directions.Potluck during.

      Sunday- June 20th-7:00p.m.- Knoxville Reiki Exchange at Yoga Haven email spiritessence1@... for more details.

      Monday- June 21st- World Peace and Prayer Day- You can google it and learn all about it.

      Wednesday- June 23rd-7:00p.m.-At WUFH- Weavers of the Web Sacred Hoop Circle-making blankets for the homeless.email:ladyastarte584@... for more info. Potluck dinner.

      Thursday- June 24th- Red Tent Temple-7:00p.m.- at WUFH-The Temple will be Hosted by Three Turtles Wolf and will be on your Medicine Wheel Healing Animal and you will be taught how to find your Healing Animal on the Medicine Wheel. You will make your own Medicine Shield and then be led in a meditation to meet your Healing Animal and then in a ritual awaken that Healing Animal in your Life. Note this pertains to the Healing Animals for Women on the Medicine Wheel only.Potluck dinner.email:ladyastarte584@... for more info or do a search for the Red Tent Temple Yahoo Group and Join it.

      Friday- June 25th- 7:00p.m. at WUFH- Earth Scouts-email ladyastarte584@... for more info-Life Cycle of a Tomato Plant
      Plant Marigolds
      Life Cycle of a Dragonfly
      Make Dragonflys
      Story about Litha
      Story about Caterpillars
      Story about gardening
      2 fun activities teaching diversity

      Saturday- June 26th- Full Moon at 7:30 a.m.

      Saturday- June 26th-1:00-4:00p.m.- Medicine Wheel Workshop presented by Lord P.B. Owl-Lord P.B. Owl of the Wyndragon Family will be doing a workshop to teach you about "The Medicine Wheel". This subject is vast and multi layered and Lord Owl has a wonderful presentation to open your minds to the gifts of The Medicine Wheel. Don't miss this wonderful and informative workshop. email: ladyastarte584@... for more information and directions.Potluck Lunch.

      Saturday- June 26th-7:00p.m. at WUFH- ROC-ET- Rotating Open Circle of East Tennessee-Lady Rhiannon of Serpentstone will be Priestessing our Full Moon Rotating Open Circle for this month. All are welcome who come to Celebrate in Mirth and Reverence, once in a month, under the circled orb of the Goddess to celebrate in connection with the animus mundi. Potluck afterward. email: ladyastarte584@... for more info and directions.

      Sunday- June 27th- SIP -The Artist's Way- Chapter 4- recovering a Sense of Integrity-
      We will discuss homework from Chapter 3 and cover our Daily Pages and Artist's date.
      Chapter 4- Recovering a Sense of Integrity covers Honest Changes,Buried Dreams, an Exercise,Reading Deprivation,Tasks and Check Ins.
      Come and join us at any stage of this study each ahs it's own unique lessons.Potluck luncheon.email:ladyastarte584@... for more details and directions and/or sisterhoodispowerful@... for more details.

      Wednesday-June 30th-7:00p.m.-At WUFH- Weavers of the Web Sacred Hoop Circle-making blankets for the homeless.email:ladyastarte584@... for more info. Potluck dinner.

      ***Anyone interested in doing a once a month Reiki Healing Modality SIp Fundraiser please contact ladyastarte584@... or sisterhoodispowerful@... for more details. Funds will be used for the local Food Pantry and will be split between SIp and the Reiki Helaers to cover their gas and be by Love Donation Offering***

      ***Anyone interested in a Teen Program please email:ladyastarte584@... we have one formed but it is by invitation only.***

      ***Anyone interested in New Seekers Class starting very soon please email ladyastarte584@... even if you have already inquired please email again if you are serious and I can send you our schedule.***

      Our Knoxville Community has been Blessed with an abundance of people who celebrate Deity and/or Spirituality in Unified Diversity. To acommodate the Growth of this Unified Diversity there is more than one place to receive information on Community events. Below you will find 2 links that will have many of these events listed, however, there are events not listed on either of these lists, due to everyone's vast and diverse schedules we do not always have the information, in time, to post them, and some events are private or by invitation only. Anyone who has an event they would like us to post just go to the links provided and use the contact link to email the administrators of your event and the information attached to it.The administrators of these groups will contact you, and post according to their guidelines.I hope you find this information helpful and we look forward to seeing you around community.May we all enjoy our Community in Mirth and Reverence and May there always be Co-Existence among Us.

      Knoxville Wicca, Pagan, Shaman and Magickal Folk Meetup Group:

      Knoxville Pagan Meetup Group:


      Please go to these links and then go to Meetup and then calendar.

      Light and Love,
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