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Serpentstone Litha Gathering 2007

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  • Etsi Doyi Astarte
    SerpentStone Litha Gathering June 22-24, 2006 At Splendor Hollow Come join the SerpentStone Family as we celebrate Midsummer, Discover the secrets of the time
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 6, 2007
      SerpentStone Litha Gathering
      June 22-24, 2006
      At Splendor Hollow

      Come join the SerpentStone Family as we celebrate Midsummer,
      Discover the secrets of the time known as the Festival of the Bitter
      Greens, the Green Corn Festival, and the Mango or Melon Festival.
      Any way you slice it or dice it, it is the festival of the First
      Harvest, the first fruits of our labor showing forth from deep within
      the Earth where dark secrets dwell. Join the dance and the drumming,
      and discover the secrets that have traveled from deep within to
      become the fruits we share in love and trust.

      . Notice:This gathering is NOT clothing optional.

      PLEASE BRING: tent, sleeping bags, blankets, rain gear and clothing
      for both hot and cool weather, flashlight, snack foods, ritual gear,
      drums, and other musical instruments. Plan for a wide temperature
      range, even at this time of the year, but tending toward the warm
      side. Remember your feast gear and eating utensils (Styrofoam and
      other feast gear is no longer supplied!). For more helpful
      suggestions and a checklist for what you should bring, see our
      Suggested Packing List online at

      If you need to buy things, please stop at one of the larger stores,
      rather than the small local convenient stores. It keeps the small
      stores able to supply their regular customers, and keeps the rumors
      and security hassles down.

      We'll supply food for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, and main dish
      supper on Friday and Saturday. Please bring pot-luck offerings for
      the feasts. It need not be prepared unless it is baked. Items such as
      fresh fruits and veggies, cheese, sour cream, honey, breakfast meats,
      breads, desserts, and salad items are very much welcomed by our
      kitchen witch. Please drop these off at the kitchen as soon as
      possible after arriving, so our Kitchen Witch and helpers can begin
      working their magic! Having enough for everyone is dependent on
      everyone bringing something for the kitchen, so please help us have a
      bountiful feast!

      email the appropriate person at:
      Gathering Coordinator – Silaureal and Firecat at
      Registration Coordinator -- Mortir at registration@...
      Merchant Coordinator – at merchanting@...
      (MERCHANTS:This is small site with limited space: be sure to contact
      coordinator early!)
      Workshop Coordinator -- at workshops@...
      Kitchen Witch -- Starrah at kitchenwitch@...

      or contact us at SerpentStone, PO Box 652, Candler, NC 28715. Phone

      $10 per child* 12-16 (plus your feast contribution and 2 hours of
      volunteer service) if paid and postmarked before June 15, 2007.
      $20 per person* over 16 (plus your feast contribution and 2 hours of
      volunteer service) if paid and postmarked before June 15, 2007.
      $30 per person* after June 15, 2007 and at the door (plus your feast
      contribution and
      2 hours of volunteer service).
      NEW FAMILY RATE: (This includes up to 2 adults, and children under 18
      living in the house)
      Prepaid registration before June 15, 2007 - $50. At the gate - $70
      (plus your feast contribution and
      2 hours of volunteer service).

      *Children under 12 are free. A legal guardian must accompany anyone
      under 18. If not a custodial parent, the guardian must be responsible
      for the minor, and have a written permission statement from the
      parent, which must be presented at registration immediately upon
      arrival. *Work-scholarships (in which the registration fee is waived
      in return for a number of extra work shifts) are available for those
      for whom finances are an issue. Contact the Registration Coordinator
      to make arrangements.

      Treat each other with respect, and respect all paths. Take care of
      those you come with, and respect the land, by leaving your campsite
      cleaner than you found it. Most of all, HAVE FUN!
      No illegal drugs, firearms, drunken behavior, bad attitudes, or
      violence or other inappropriate behaviors will be condoned on the
      site. We DO enforce the no drugs rule, and the security team has
      active duty law enforcement officers serving among them, so don't
      bring them!
      No pets. Service dogs only will be permitted at the gathering site.
      All other pets will be refused at the gate, so please do not bring
      Please bring: positive attitudes, appropriate gear, and food for the
      potluck contribution! Please note: We are working very hard to keep
      our prices low, despite rising costs for sites, food, and fuel. If
      you can add something, even a dollar or two, to your registration, it
      may help someone else be able to attend. Community service: Each
      participant is asked to contribute two hours of community service
      during the gathering. It is basically just a little of the background
      work that lets a gathering happen, and may include helping out with
      registration, food preparation, heralding workshops or rituals,
      helping with the site, or cleanup. It's fun, and a great way to get
      to know folks better!

      Merchants: This is a small gathering with limited space. For more
      information concerning merchanting at this gathering, please contact
      the merchant coordinator as soon as possible!

      An email confirming your registration and giving directions to the
      site will be sent about a week before the gathering if we have
      received your completed pre-registration form and your payment.

      For swifter check-in onsite, please register online at

      Registration Form
      Litha 2007


      Craft name (if any): _____________________________________

      Address: _________________________________________________

      City:___________________________ State: _______ Zip: ________

      Email Address: _______________________________________________
      (for confirmation email to be sent out about a
      week before the gathering)

      Telephone ( _____ ) ___________________Birthdate____________________

      # of Adults and Children over 12: _____

      Vegetarian: ___ Omnivore: ____Child under 18: ___ 12: ____

      Responsible Adult: _____________________

      Onsite Contact (mundane name, please): ______________________________

      Offsite Contact : ___________________________________________

      Offsite Contact Phone: ( _____ ) ____________________________


      Personal Information remains strictly confidential!

      Please complete the Registration Form and return it with check or
      money order made out to SerpentStone, to:

      PO Box 652
      Candler, NC 28715
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