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  • ladyastarte584
    I wanted others to know that I was contacted by a man at the email address frank112@charter.net through Witchvox his original email suggested he wanted to meet
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2006
      I wanted others to know that I was contacted by a man at the email
      address frank112@... through Witchvox his original email
      suggested he wanted to meet and learn more about his path in a Nature
      based spirituality. After several emails we met at a local public
      restaraunt after shaking his hand the gig was up. I could tell he was
      an imposter immediately. He was personable and no threat but it
      turned out he was pentecostal and married and there to quote
      scripture and "save my soul". He used buzz word phrases such as I am
      a square peg in a round hole and I think we should all learn about
      each other. But the questions he was asking me was leading and I just
      brushed him off telling him we were really the toughest spirituality
      path because we examined everything we said and did and held each
      other personally accountable for our actions and that we were a
      sacred people. At one point he said ."Well even if I am learning the
      Nature based Religions I am still going to read the Bible." I told
      him that was fine it was his path and that the service to others and
      agape love path that the Bible laid out was a great path and that I
      wished more Christians practiced it. He even grinned at that one.
      Thank you, GM, for that quote. After that I point blank asked
      him."So, are you here because you are open minded and you wanted a
      face to face discussion to really understand and respect our choices
      or was he there to save my soul?" He paused for over five minutes and
      said he was there for a discussion but his lips and body language did
      not match up at that point and I could see a sermon forming in his
      mind for his people. He got absolutely no contact info from me but he
      did reveal that he had contacted other women in Oak Ridge. Thus the
      reason for my post. I have already contacted Witchvox and reported
      him and semt them a copy of his original contact to me and my reply
      back to him after the public meeting. Note this man emailed me daily
      for a while before we met.He was dishonest from the start and never
      integribly represented himself or his motives. I handled myself well
      and he got nothing in emails or contact other than seeds of thought
      that we are a loving and intellectual people with strong women.I am
      hoping this post is taken in the spirit it is given which is to give
      whomever else he has contacted a heads up about his real intent and
      not for me to be critiqued on how I handled it.I love our people and
      want us to be safe I hope this helps whomever else this man has
      contacted. His email address is frank112@... and his name is
      Rick. I don't trust him and I don't want him using my name to say he
      knows me because he doesn't.I welcome any responses offlist about
      this situation and if this man contacts you please notify Witchvox
      and send them a copy of the email from him if he uses a Witchvox
      address.He did tell me he had contacted other women in Oak Ridge.
      Light and Love,
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