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Serpentstone Tennessee Samhain Gathering

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  • Astarte
    SerpentStone Tennessee Samhain Gathering October 22-24, 2010 At YI Camp near Smyrna, TN Autumn s Lullaby From early spring through the very last harvest,
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      SerpentStone Tennessee Samhain Gathering

      October 22-24, 2010

      At YI Camp near Smyrna, TN

      Autumn's Lullaby

      From early spring through the very last harvest, Mother Earth works hard to provide for our needs. She has nurtured the seeds we have planted, grown the hopes and dreams of our bodies and our souls. Let us show our love and appreciation for Her through the song of our hearts. Gather with us this Samhain to sing our Mother to Her winter rest, and may our song of love keep us all warm through the long winter until Mother Earth stirs awake once more.

      NOTICE: SerpentStone's meal policy has changed. In order to keep admission costs at current levels, SerpentStone kitchens will no longer be cooking breakfasts or Friday night dinner. A continental-style breakfast of donated foods will be offered. Please, if you bake, bring muffins, breads, pastries or other breakfast foods to the Kitchen Witch. There will be soup available at all times (including Friday at dinnertime) again made from your kitchen donations.

      Fund Raiser Lunch

      We will be having a fund-raiser lunch on Saturday, as we have in the past. The proceeds will go to SerpentStone to help us be able to continue to offer gatherings at as low a cost to you as possible.

      COSTUME DANCE AFTER DINNER – Come and enjoy the fun!


      There is plenty of sleeping space in unheated cabins on site. There is also a heated Dormitory for extra cost.. If you NEED to sleep in a heated area for medical reasons, please indicate such on your pre-registration form. There is a $10 usage fee on sleeping in the heated dorm which MUST be prepaid in order to guarantee bed space. Those with medical needs get first priority.


      Registration will open at 12:00 pm Central Time, merchants may arrive as early as 9:00 am to set up. Merchants needing to arrive earlier must get prior approval from the gathering coordinator and the land caretakers. (contact merchanting@...)

      email the appropriate person at:
      Gathering Coordinator – Sophia and Amber Willow at gatheringcoordinator-tn@...
      Registration Coordinator - at registration@...
      Merchant Coordinator –at Isilidae and David at merchanting-tn@...

      Workshop Coordinator –Rose and Grania at workshops-tn@...

      Kitchen Witch –Maryam at kitchenwitch-tn@...

      Children's Activities –Stormtoad at childrensactivities-tn@...

      or contact us at SerpentStone, PO Box 652, Candler, NC 28715. Phone (828)665-4049


      PLEASE BRING: tent, sleeping bags, blankets, rain gear and clothing for both warm and cool weather, flashlight, snack foods, ritual gear, drums, and other musical instruments. Plan for a wide temperature range, even at this time of the year, but tend toward the warm side. Remember your feast gear and eating utensils (Styrofoam and other feast gear is no longer supplied!).

      If you need to buy things, please stop at one of the larger stores, rather than the small local convenient stores. It keeps the small stores able to supply their regular customers, and keeps the rumors and security hassles down.


      IMPORTANT: See changes noted on first page. Only Saturday night supper will be provided. Please bring potluck offering for the feast. Soup (from donations) will be available other times, and a donated items for a continental-style (no cooking) breakfast will be welcomed.

      Please bring pot-luck offerings for the feasts. It need not be prepared unless it is baked. Items such as fresh fruits and veggies, cheese, sour cream, honey, breakfast meats, breads, desserts, and salad items are very much welcomed by our kitchen witch. Please drop these off at the kitchen as soon as possible after arriving, so our Kitchen Witch and helpers can begin working their magic!


      $10 per child* 12-16 (plus your feast contribution and 2 hours of volunteer service)
      if paid and postmarked October 15, 2010

      $20 per person* over 16 (plus your feast contribution and 2 hours of volunteer service)
      if paid and postmarked before October 15, 2010

      $30 per person* after October 15, 2010 and at the door (plus your feast contribution and

      2 hours of volunteer service).

      DAY TRIP $15

      If you need heated dorm space, there is an extra $10 fee on first-come, first serve and medical necessity basis.

      *Children under 12 are free. A legal guardian must accompany anyone under 18. If not a custodial parent, the guardian must be responsible for the minor, and have a written permission statement from the parent, which must be presented at registration immediately upon arrival.

      PRE-REGISTER AT www.serpentstone.org


      Treat each other with respect, and respect all paths. Take care of those you come with, and respect the land, by leaving your campsite cleaner than you found it. Most of all, HAVE FUN!

      No illegal drugs, firearms, drunken behavior, bad attitudes, or violence or other inappropriate behaviors will be condoned on the site. We DO enforce the no drugs rule, and the security team has active duty law enforcement officers serving among them, so don't bring them!

      No pets. Service dogs only will be permitted at the gathering site. All other pets will be refused at the gate, so please do not bring them.

      Please bring: positive attitudes, appropriate gear, and food for the potluck contribution! Please note: We are working very hard to keep our prices low, despite rising costs for sites, food, and fuel. If you can add something, even a dollar or two, to your registration, it may help someone else be able to attend. Community service: Each participant is asked to contribute two hours of community service during the gathering. It is basically just a little of the background work that lets a gathering happen, and may include helping out with registration, food preparation, heralding workshops or rituals, helping with the site, or cleanup. It's fun, and a great way to get to know folks better!
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