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Fwd: OT: Creation's side to Gatecon/Stargate issue

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  • rangerlyn@yahoo.com
    Finally, the additional info I promised -- sorry it took me so long -- holidays, ya know! JL ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2005
      Finally, the additional info I promised -- sorry it
      took me so long -- holidays, ya know!

      > Subject: Message from Gary Berman At Creation
      > Gary was happy to answer questions about some of the
      > issues and concerns being raised on various forums
      > and
      > lists regarding this matter. The following is a
      > repost of information that Gary eventually posted to
      > Ourstargate forum in response to postings there.
      > Please feel free to share this information but make
      > sure that it remains fully credited to
      > Gary Berman, Creation Con Entertainment
      > http://www.creationent.com
      > Read the original message at the following link.
      > From Gary:
      > Thought it would be timely to add some facts to this
      > discussion:
      > 1) In mid-September on Gateworld.net Allan Gowen,
      > who
      > is an owner of Gatecon said the below. I'm posting
      > this because I think it is fair for fans posting
      > here
      > to know that the decision to change Gatecon was made
      > long before these recent discussions/decisions.
      > The fact is that Gatecon had/has issues with MGM
      > that
      > have nothing to do with Creation. In fact, it was
      > never our intention to run an event in Vancouver and
      > our original license with MGM did not include
      > permission to do so.
      > Further, and this may be a surprise to many, when
      > Gatecon did not end up with set visits last year we
      > were helpful behind the scenes in getting them when
      > Allen told us that he was going to have trouble
      > meeting his budget without them (and he told me that
      > he would have to cancel guests if they didn't have
      > them).
      > Gatecon had every opportunity to strike up a deal
      > with
      > MGM. They didn't, they chose to change their event,
      > and they are planning on running that same new event
      > now.
      > And, also, throughout this period when we were aware
      > of the issues they were having with MGM we offered
      > to
      > help and join forces with them. They turned us down,
      > their choice. We even offered to fly all four owners
      > of Gatecon to the mutual show and they turned that
      > down.
      > More power to them, their choice, and one other
      > thing:
      > a
      > matter of fact we purposefully made sure the
      > Stargate
      > actors knew that we would not care if they did the
      > "new" Gatecon. I do want to clarify, that virtually
      > all convention contracts include a specific
      > non-compete clause (for a limited time and distance)
      > but these will not preclude Gatecon from any of the
      > guests we have.
      > As usual, we do ask moderators to ask us about the
      > things they post to get the facts.
      > So basically fans have a choice now: they will have
      > the Gatecon they would have had and we will be happy
      > to allow them to promote their event at ours, which
      > I'm sure will be helpful. And fans will ALSO have an
      > event that has the support of MGM which they would
      > not
      > have had. Fans have the choice, there should be no
      > hard feelings and hopefully both will be great.
      > One final point, MGM owns Stargate SG-1 and Stargate
      > Atlantis. They make the decisions. We are just a
      > licensee and we are fans of sci-fi as much as anyone
      > on these boards. We started the company as teenagers
      > back in 1971 because we were fans and at that time
      > there were virtually no other genre events.
      > In the last few years there have been a lot of
      > promoters around the world that have announced
      > events
      > with guests that they didn't have contracted. There
      > are promoters who ran shows that did not come close
      > to
      > delivering what was advertised. There have even been
      > several promoters that have taken ticket money and
      > disappeared or closed down before refunding ticket
      > money. With this happening with more alarming
      > frequency it is only natural that the copyright
      > owners
      > of the properties being "used" become more proactive
      > in protecting THEIR FANS. Some may like it, some may
      > not, but it is understandable.
      > Hope this adds to the discussion.
      > Gary Berman
      > Creation Entertainment
      > FROM MID-SEPTEMBER, 2004:
      > Re: Gatecon 2005
      > From Allan Gowen:
      > "Regardless of what happens, we WILL do a gatecon
      > 2005. BUT we are still
      > waiting to hear back from MGM concerning some
      > licensing aspects."
      > __________________
      > _
      > Re: Gatecon 2005
      > Additional details...
      > "It will still have guests from Stargate, but we
      > will
      > be billing it as a general Sci-Fi convention and
      > inviting guests from other Sci-Fi series. And even
      > the
      > guests we have from Stargate have been in other
      > series, so we will push that
      > fact rather than the Stargate side."

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