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Esoteric Societies Research Query

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  • Michael Morgan
    Greetings and Salutations Fellow Companions, Which initiates of the major Hermetic/occult orders influenced by Crowley died between 1918-1926? (OK, that s the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2010
      Greetings and Salutations Fellow Companions,

      Which initiates of the major Hermetic/occult orders influenced by Crowley died between 1918-1926? (OK, that's the quick and short of my post here...what follows pertains and explains more to the 'Why' I am seeking such data)

           Having recently had the thin yet opaque veneer covering the portion of my magical memory that held 'my' previous incarnation's identity become much more translucent, I have a clearer picture of my personal karma (to over-simplify, for clarity and expressions sake). And, as is usually the case with things of a magical nature, the information did not fit the expectation. Having a mind-set that can come close to becoming objective when necessary, after having the i.d. of my previous incarnation revealed to me in 2000, a decade later the proverbial "Light" dawned on yonder head...yonder head being, of course, my eventual "A-Ha!"...which took the short span of a decade to percolate to fruition as accepted and integrated magic memory. So, with all that being mentioned....the Djini is out of the bottle, and I am being directed to dig deeper into the etheric-genetic DNA housed 'within' my aufu and ka (physical and etheric bodies).

          I would like to recruit the assistance of some of you in the spirit of bringing in some objective (or at least, third party) perspective into my query. Which is:

      Which members of the original Golden Dawn, Rosea Rubae et Aurius Crucis , Astro Argentum, Ordo Templi Orientis, Fama Fraternitas, etc., basically ANY of the members of the Hermetic Revival of the 19th/20th centuries which died before or around, no later than,  the late summer of 1926? Any initiates, European Initiates, who died in 1926 or a handful of years before...let's say, for sake of easier research, Which Initiates of the major western Hermetic/Occult orders influenced by Crowley died between 1918-1926? Male or female. My previous life began in 1927 (and ended in 1967), ergo the time limitation factor.

           It has been my contention for as long as I've been an initiate in this lifetime (formally sense '94) that to look too fervently or prematurely into the akashic records is to openly invite more trouble than it can ever be worth to know such things.Let's be honest; the natural workings of the soul and psyche have removed (or not included) from your innate ego awareness the memory of previous lifetimes for very good, natural reasons. These memories are 'restored' also as an aspect of a natural process. That being said, a point is reached when the individual Will must be directed in that direction for further unfolding to occur. It appears as if I have reached a place upon The Path where my Higher Self  deems appropriate a deeper revealing of my soul's previous history unto its transient abode, Michael Morgan's ego awareness. I appreciate he help with this. It's just a hunch I have, and if it turns out to yield nothing affirmative, in the realm of investigation, a negative result is still usable information! I may have to travel once again into western Europe and await a resonance between the land and my own inner-landscape.

           Thanking you ahead of time, to any and all (if anyone does help me with this). Why anyone would not actually take the time to help me with something that overtly seems so self-centered as what I have requested is understandable and expected, to be honest. But One never knows what such a seemingly alien or foreign endeavor may trigger. Mayhaps someone close to Violet Firth, O.A. Spare, or maybe as far back in the history of the revival as that generation that saw the likes of Blake in 18th century London...it contains the ring of intuition in it, those names and times does...but a hunch is not what I am after....I have plenty of those and they all can not be leading to Truth....whatever or where ever that lies...(where the Truth Lies....what an absurd juxtaposition...Where the Truth Lies...sounds like a good article or book title, eh?).


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