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  • Liz Forrest
    Actually maybe that s another split in the psyche, between White house and Graceland mansions, Washington and Elvis (EL VI S or EL V IS in which case I
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      Actually maybe that's another split in the psyche, between White house and Graceland mansions, Washington and Elvis (EL  VI  S  or  EL   V   IS in which case I think I can live with the music, not the guns!)  Amen our saving grace?  We say it like 'The End', but my dreams imply much more.  :-)  Love, Liz

      On 2/28/07, John Souttar <johnsouttar@...> wrote:

      Liz temple building has been constant for five thousand years at least and we now have more than at any time. On Mount Moriah one can see quite a few different gods given temples at one time or another. El is regarded as Saturn, but Jehovah is Jupiter. Is Allah El perhaps? Even religions take a shift.  Are todays Baptists affiliated to John the Baptist, Protestants & Orthodox to Jesus and Catholics to e Mara? Are they all fallen angels?  The one constant is of course Amen who is in all of them. Dee writes his Amen often - even in the tale of poor Ann Frank. And if history repeats what spirit is after Ann? The swastika one probably.
      They all have some virtue but also exhibit a very dark side which is a worry.  On the bright side I think the Egyptian prophecy about the white walls relates not to Graceland but to the White House. It would be natural for the world to accept this, just as so many tribes in Africa and America (possibly Australia?) had long been led to expect a white man. 
      Liz I can see that you use TV programmes and films like I use libraries. I am going to give it a go.
      If Herod did sacrifice children it was likely a return to that practice in times of trouble when the other god lets them down.  The Children's Crusade was another occasion. Who knows what angel wants them to do such horrors. But we need to watch out for them.  A lot of kids killed yesterday in Iraq, the home of all of this. Note they found safety in Egypt. Not sure they would now.
      Azazel is usually associated with Venus and is seen as overthrowing Jupiter as this planet after being born of him.  This is the planet which appeared to come from Jupiter and had the flaming tale. But as Annael is the Venus angel, and why would the head of the angels not be the head of the planets - the Sun or Jupiter?  Lucifer is also seen as Venus not the Sun, which brings the light not heralds it.
      The bee is very Egyptian Liz as is Ma. More Earth I would think than sea. Ma ccabaean too.
      My implication is that perhaps Caesarion had to be 'murdered' to be acceptable to the Hebrews and Egyptians. Perhaps another reason for the child massacre and those that survived it. (Like all the brothers, disciples etc.). The Osiris lesson is how much we all love a king that rules from beyond the grave like Washington for example. A powerful name these days as is the White House.

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