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5281Re: [DrJohnDee] Re: Painting of Ed Kelly turns up at auction

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  • souttar john
    Aug 26, 2013
      Some more on that painting. It may not be Kelley at all according to the auctioneer's description.:


      seated full length at a table by a witch and her familiar (a cat), with inscription lower left Laski Magician on a globe and on the fore-edge of a book The Lyar's Regulator, distemper on nine elm (?) boards (hinged at the centre), arched top, c195 x 249cm, contemporary bolection moulded frame with loss

      Condition report:

      The medium extremely fragile with numerous areas of flaking/missing paint. Shrinkage crackS between the boards but entirely original and unrestored, areas of woodworm evident on the reverse, the boards with the original horizontal bracing bars (one incomplete), the original rusted iron butterfly hinges and two substantial forged rings for suspension, original and complete. This lot is to be moved solely at the purchaser's risk

      Sale date:

       Wednesday 12 & Thursday 13 June at 10.30am



      Sunday 9 12noon-5pm, Monday 10 10am-4pm, Tuesday 11 10am-2pm and mornings of Sale 8.30-10.30am





      And on the will Bar Saule states that his wife Katherine was the daughter of Anthony Ashley who was a baronet and Elizabeth's one time Secretary of War. The will was witnessed by Adrian Gilbert. I am reading it in its original handwriting which will take me some time to decipher.


      john souttar



      On 26 August 2013 12:28, solsticewooddragon <tmichelle57@...> wrote:

      I see that Aaron Leitch has blogged on it now, also.


      If the painting takes even some of its redition of Kelly's appearanec on local
      knowledge, it would be worthwhie to look again at who among Kelly's later
      acquaintances was from Warwickshire. Parkins/Perkins (the one who made the "fat
      and merry" comment) wasn't from there, though curiously he did (1601) serve on
      some sort of committee for Lord Burghley that concerned the painters/stainers

      Antiquary Henry Ferrers, the sort who might have collected such things, was from
      Warwickshire. The most famous person from Warwickshire, of course, was
      Shakespeare, though he seemed to have a habit of leaving nothing behind. :)

      Written descriptions of Kelly have existed for a long time--
      Wilding quotes several of them in the article that's in the files section here for
      instance, and Bridges condenses those in the paragraphs posted on the two blog sites-- but before now the descriptions just didn't match up at all to any
      known drawing. They do match up with this one better than with the engraving
      used by Casaubon. I hope something more about the painting's provenance comes
      out soon.



      --- In DrJohnDee@yahoogroups.com, "solsticewooddragon" <tmichelle57@...> wrote:
      > http://networkedblogs.com/OqDi5
      > "It appears that the painting was made for a person who was working with Dee and Kelly's system. It was painted on the inside of a cupboard or meditation room. In the background there appears to be an image of someone summoning something while standing in a magic circle. In otherwords this is not about the alchemist Edward Kelly, but the magician."
      > Does anyone have any further information beyond what it says on Nick's blog?
      > Thanks!
      > LVX,
      > Terry

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