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5272The Philosophers Stone: INVITATION TO AUTHORS

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  • francis dashwood!
    Aug 13 3:08 PM
      The Philosophers Stone: INVITATION TO AUTHORS

      The Hell Fire Club are reprinting the 'Rosicrucian Alchemical Manuscript' (the contents of which are associated with Edward Kelly texts 1592-1597) as a facsimile and are inviting scholars and noted students of alchemy, the Golden Dawn and hermetic sciences to contribute essays along the themes outlined in the facsimile, or suggested by it.

      The first edition and its description may be viewed here: www.hellfireclubbooks.co.uk/alchemy.html

      As we have sold out the first edition we will supply printed sheets of the second edition for study purposes to prospective authors.

      We expect to publish up to six essays as a companion volume to the second facsimile, fine and trade bindings.

      The original manuscript came into our possession through a contact in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the UK, and had once been part of an extensive private library.

      Until we printed the book the contents were unknown, and it did not form part of any list or collection of which any information was available.

      The manuscript is a short notebook, about 5 x 6 inches, and is roughly dateable to the 1880's or shortly after. The style of binding, paper and quality of materials support this.

      The first page has a pencil note from a previous owner (not reproduced in the printed books) which simply says: `transcribed from the german'. We assume that the book was copied from some manuscript or early printed source in german which has not yet been identified.

      The personalities named on the first page are of great interest: `Kallnuss' was an early variant used in german language texts for Edward Kelly the associate of Dr John Dee. The description of his death accords well with what we know of Kellys death. `Sennert' was the renowned alchemical writer from Wittenburg Daniel Sennert.

      The contents (including the `Three Magisteriums of the Art' and the esay on the `Red Elixir' require detailed reading (even de-coding!) along with the lists of alchemical processes and names for recipes etc.

      All told this is a very interesting and obscure manuscript whose contents may have originated on the continent and found their way through to English occult circles in the late 19th century, but then disappeared until now.

      The finished volume of essays may be printed to the same dimensions as the facsimile, or we may expand to a larger volume if required! In any event we will make both fine and trade copies of the essays volume and issue both together either boxed or cased etc.

      When we have full details of the essays to be printed we will notify all authors and arrange royalties.

      please write to: enquiries@...