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Re: myositis

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  • nogglez
    Thanks Duncan. I forwarded this message to my friend, and hopefully she will contact you. Shelley ... in ... anyone in ... medics say ... them, I ...
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 1, 2004
      Thanks Duncan. I forwarded this message to my friend, and
      hopefully she will contact you.


      --- In DrClark@yahoogroups.com, Duncan Crow
      <duncancrow@s...> wrote:
      > > A friend of mine has been struggling with myositis, an illness
      > > which the immune system attacks the muscles. Does
      anyone in
      > > the group know of anyone getting relief by using Dr. Clark
      > > methods and, if so, what worked?
      > >
      > > Thanks,
      > > Shelley
      > Hi Shelley,
      > Inclusion body myositis is usually fatal in about 4 years. The
      medics say
      > there is no known cause or cure. Because it's a mystery to
      them, I
      > suspect a toxin trigger and a dietary cure, similar to other
      > disorders.
      > That being said, my father, 70, also had it. I say had because
      we have it
      > on the run, and he's now gaining muscle mass (yes, at 70!).
      He's had it
      > fo four years, but he's still living in the country, cutting
      > throwing hay for the horses and such.
      > We used amino acids to promote increased HGH levels so he
      can build
      > quality tissue. SomaLife gHP does that, conversely most other
      > sounding supplements do not.
      > We used "cold-processed" whey to provide the best protein we
      could, while
      > also supplying precursors for improving his glutathione, the
      > important antioxidant the body makes. He's also on other
      antioxidants and
      > selenium.
      > We used Ambrotose from Mannatech, a glyconutrient to
      address the
      > deficiency and stop the process of the autoimmune disorder.
      > These three supplements are well-backed by science.
      > He also runs frequencies with a cheap frequency generator. I
      don't credit
      > that process with much.
      > He also bounces on a rebounder to help move the lymph
      > You can email me if you like. You might find if you search
      around that we
      > are only ones that have stopped this dreadful disorder in
      anyone, and the
      > process makes sense.
      > Duncan Crow
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