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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6 10:00 PM
      | Dear Guest of www.drclark.ch!
      | There is some great news coming from Dr. Hulda Clark, medical
      | researcher.
      | After years of research on advanced cancers and tumors, Dr. Clark is
      | publishing a new book called "The Cure for Advanced Cancers". This
      | will be a life saver for many who are struggling with terminal cancer.

      | The book "The Cure for All Cancers" explained the underlying cause of
      | all cancers, and nothing has changed in that respect. But getting rid
      | the malignancy alone does not yet make a healthy patient, as Dr. Clark

      | discovered. There are two other problems to be solved: Tumors and a
      | of immunity at the tumor site and in general.
      | These problems have been tackled the past few years and treatments
      | been found. Now, Dr. Clark once again puts her research results before

      | you.
      | The new book can be ordered at www.drclark.ch -> products. If you
      | pre-order you will be charged once the book is shipped.
      | There is more good news. A new Clark center is about to open in
      | Switzerland. It will be a center for treatment, education of
      | and research. More therapy stations are planned in other places of the

      | world, for example in Beverly Hills.
      | Finally, I would like to give you some more recent case histories.
      | -A person with terminal colon cancer was turned around in as little as

      | 10 days. The patient was very eager to follow the program and was very

      | meticulous. She immediately reaped the benefits, which could be easily

      | seen on subsequent X-rays.
      | -Another patient had esophagal cancer with a huge tumor, he could
      | swallow. All the clean-ups were done immediately and the whole
      | was implemented, since there was no time to lose. In just days the
      | patient could swallow bits again, and within two weeks he felt
      | considerably better and the tumors started shriking. Since one growth
      | was on the outside this was clearly visible.
      | -A boy with Diabetes was started on the zapper. Before we could even
      | start him on the parasite herbs, his blood sugar behavior improved
      | immensly; according to the boy's mother it was better than ever the
      | four years.
      | I trust you find this information as useful and exciting as we do. As
      | always, you can find more pertaining information on www.drclark.ch.
      | Sincerely
      | David P. Amrein
      | Dr. Clark Research Association
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