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Willy's latest update; the End! of the Medical Model for ADHD and Bipolar Disorder

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  • Allen Darman
    Dear group: For those of you who have been following my son Willy s amazing ADHD and childhood onset (age 6) bipolar recovery story, the following is the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2007
      Dear group:

      For those of you who have been following my son
      Willy's amazing ADHD and childhood onset (age 6)
      bipolar recovery story, the following is the latest
      update, one that I just received last night.

      [A few minutes after I wrote the above copy in this
      blog last night, just as I was about to continue it,
      it had become clear that "my third computer" had been
      hacked. All kinds of strange things were happening. I
      could not use either browser that I had to send mail,
      I could not use Yahoo Messenger at all, and I could
      not work on this blog anymore. I was cut off from
      "contacting the world" in any way with this computer
      last night as a result of having gotten hacked again.
      This is my third time being hacked. The last time it
      happened in December I lasted only 12 days online,
      this time I lasted only 29.5 hours, just a little over
      a day. (The Zone Alarm firewall I am using counted
      over 1000 attempted intrusions in this time, four of
      which were high rated.)

      Although I am using this hacked computer to write this
      and the above paragraph this morning, I don't expect
      to be able to finish this blog without more computer
      trouble and/or being shut down again. Please bear with
      me here. I will finish this blog as soon as I possibly
      can, using a library computer if I have to. Who knows,
      I might get lucky this morning (I did get lucky!) and
      this computer will hold up for the moment. However,
      for all ostensible purposes this computer I am using
      has been maliciously hacked and "is probably on it's
      last legs" (and soon I won't be able to use it at
      all). I am almost 100% certain of this.]
      What follows is the gist of Willy's updated recovery
      story, one I am sure that you will enjoy, assuming you
      read his original ADHD/bipolar recovery story that was
      put out across the internet last June, and that you
      read his updated recovery story in Dec.

      I went to dinner with my ex-wife and my two sons
      (Willy and Max) last night. After dinner, I went over
      to the house and chatted with Willy for about an hour,
      while my ex and Max went to school to sign him up for
      track in the spring.

      Willy gave me the following information last night:

      He had just received a 98 on his NYS Regents exam in
      Social Studies, the only NYS Regents exam he took this
      year. He was actually a bit disappointed with a 98, as
      he had hoped that this grade was 100. And this from a
      Ritalin drugged and very learning impaired child only
      a few short years ago.

      Willy told me that he was now able to do pull-ups with
      one arm, three pull-ups with his right arm, and one
      pull-up with his left arm. (He showed me this.) Willy
      weighs 175 lbs. He told me that no one in his high
      school can do pull-ups with one arm. I sure have never
      been able to do a pull-up with one arm my entire life.

      Willy told me that in high school, just after he had
      had a real workout one day (such that he was real
      "muscle-tired"), another boy challenged him to a
      push-up contest, to see who could do more push-ups in
      a row without stopping. Willy knew that he was giving
      up a real advantage to this boy, as the other boy had
      not just had a physical workout beforehand.
      Nonetheless, Willy agreed, as he felt that he could
      still win. The other boy did 87 push-ups. Willy did

      Willy also told me that he is now able to do the
      maximum weight that the particular exercise machine
      allows at more of the exercise machines at the health
      club that he goes to in order to work out.

      And Willy told me that he was currently reading not
      one, but two!, books. Willy has NEVER told me he is
      reading books on his own at home. Reading is something
      Willy was just not that good at, and he avoided
      reading whenever he had the choice. For Willy to tell
      me that "he is reading books" of his own interest and
      his own choosing with his free time at home is
      extremely encouraging to me. Even though Willy still
      has some degree of reading impairment vs. other kids
      his age, he seems to be clearly improving in this
      regard. Hoorah Willy! Your reading books is the best
      news you could have given me tonight.

      And last, but not least, in the good news department,
      Willy looked like "a million dollars" last night. His
      health and happiness really shows, without him
      uttering a single word.

      The single piece of bad news that Willy had for me
      last night is that his maximum on the bench press is
      still what it was in December. He can only bench press
      290 lbs. He has yet to crack 300 lbs. on the bench
      press, but he hopes to do so fairly soon.

      Knowing how compromised my son was in July of 2004,
      both mentally and physically, vs. where he is today, I
      cannot help but believe that Willy Darman represents
      one of the most amazing physical and mental health
      recoveries on the planet. And he did this in only 30
      short months, by applying alternative medical concepts
      (such as food allergen avoidance) and supplements
      (nutrients, probiotics, and digestive enzymes) to
      himself. And most amazingly, as I am a non-custodial
      parent that sometimes does not see my son for a month
      at a time, Willy more or less effected his own
      recovery by himself. (I may have taught Willy what he
      needed to do, but he did it, not me. I was not even
      around to see it happen.)

      My son Willy has become one of the healthiest persons
      that I have ever known. And this occurred despite his
      having a long history of being a weak and a sickly
      child. Willy did not just get better from ADHD and
      childhood bipolar disorder, he "got more than better"
      vs. most the peers in his class. He appears to be
      mentally much healthier and happier than "the norm"
      for other children his age. And Willy is nearly the
      strongest person in his entire high school, despite
      the fact that he is only in the 10th grade (such that
      he is being compared to older children, as Willy is
      only 16 years old and 4.5 months or so), and despite
      the fact he is being compared to some other kids that
      are much larger than Willy in both size and weight.

      Witnessing what I have witnessed in regard to my son
      Willy's recovery journey, and knowing what I know
      about ADHD, depression, and bipolar disorder, I can
      help help but think that the medical model for both
      ADHD and bipolar disorder ENDED with my son. Willy's
      amazing recovery may be looked at as the turning point
      for resolution and the treatment of ADHD and bipolar
      disorder throughout the whole world someday. (In my
      opinion, it already is just this.)

      No wonder I keep getting my personal computers hacked
      as soon as I go online with them. The drug companies
      have to be scared to death about what I am saying. I
      am actually quite surprised that I was able to finish
      this copy this morning, without this computer messing
      up so much that I couldn't do so, and therefore had to
      use the public library later to complete this material
      and get it out across the net.

      Lastly, if you have not read the ongoing saga of my
      son, this story makes far more sense if you first read
      Willy's original ADHD/bipolar recovery story (this
      came out in June 2006), and then read the first update
      to his recovery story (this came out in December
      2006). These are all over the net. Just google Willy
      Darman to find them, or read them in my Yahoo 360 blog
      entries at http://360.yahoo.com/allen_dar

      Hoorah Willy! You continue to generate greater and
      greater hope for us all.

      Allen Darman

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