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Re: Anybody own a John Ellis water machine here?

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  • koyd24
    Mary Ann/Andy, Thank you for the response. I have not read any of John Ellis patents and no nothing about how his machine works so before I even have an
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      Mary Ann/Andy,

      Thank you for the response. I have not read any of John Ellis'
      patents and no nothing about how his machine works so before I even
      have an opinion on it vs. the South Pole zappicated water(electron
      rich?) I really can't say. All I know is the simple act of pulsing
      my distilled water with my zappicator really takes my thirst away
      like nothing I have ever experienced.

      I do know that water is the most sophisticated thing on this earth
      and water seems to be a simple "medium" used to carry and combine
      information and frequencies.

      I did get thinking that perhaps placing my fresh distilled water in
      sunlight for a few minutes, then pulsing it on my - charge
      zappicator might even do better for me. If nothing else the suns
      rays might "erase" any of the bad information that might still be
      held in the water, things like the toxic minerals before distilation.


      --- In DrClark@yahoogroups.com, Mary Ann & Andy <haddastan2@...>
      > the john ellis water machine is absolutely amazing. we saved up
      for it and bought it before the newest book came out talking about
      the zappicator. we still wouldnt trade the JE water machine for
      anything. after two years it is working unbelievable. when we read
      the prevention book, we were of the opinion that hulda may have
      talked to john ellis, given that some of her new technology seemed
      to be the reverse procedure of his machine. (ie: copy drops) the
      animals are amazingly healthy, the plants are much larger, we feel
      like you do with the south pole zappicator with the JE water. Use
      hulda's method until you save up the money for the john ellis water
      machine. We use the distilled water from his machine to make our
      colloidal silver.
      > koyd24 <c_dyok@...> wrote: Hi,
      > I was curious if anybody owns a John Ellis water machine on this
      > egroup?
      > From what I have read this appears to be a very good if not the
      > commercially available water system. Electron rich water is the
      > healthiest based on what I have researched and experimented myself.
      > The reason I ask is because I would be very grateful if someone
      > could compare the water from the John Ellis model to regular
      > distilled water pulsed on a SOUTH POLE zappicator.
      > When I drink regular distilled water it bloats me up, does nothing
      > for my thirst and tastes like air. When I drink fresh (melted
      > pulsed on a (north pole zappicator) like Dr. Clark recommends,
      > I don't get that excellent sense of quenched thirst, I get cold
      > feel hungry afterwards. When I drink distilled water pulsed on the
      > north speaker it tastes very repulsive to me.
      > When I drink distilled water on the pulsed South Pole zappicator I
      > feel great. Relaxed, warm, my thirst is quenched and the water has
      > an earthy sweetness to it.
      > Perhaps drinking south pole zappicated distilled water might not
      > as effective as the John Ellis water but not everybody can afford
      > $1700 unit. Either way, zappicating the distilled water on a south
      > pole speaker must somehow increase the hydrogen bond angle like
      > Ellis talks about. If this is true, then this information will not
      > be very welcome to Mr. Ellis!
      > Corey
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