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Dr. Hulda Clark -- Important News

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  • Dr. Clark Assn. by way of DS
    Dear Guest of http://www.drclark.net! It has been a while that I wrote my last e-update due to the fact that I have been traveling for
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      Dear Guest of http://www.drclark.net!

      It has been a while that I wrote my last e-update due to the fact that I have been traveling for a few weeks. Topics today are:

      1.) Dr. Clark's latest research on AIDS: Series of AIDS patients to be accepted!
      2.) Dr. Clark's Liver Flush now on http://www.drclark.net
      3.) Health freedom: Some words about the CODEX alimentarius commission
      4.) A couple of thoughts on online purchasing
      5.) Testimonials

      1.) Dr. Clark's latest research on AIDS: Dr. Clark is looking for AIDS patients

      As I have written in earlier e-letters (to be found here: http://www.drclark.net/news/news_frame.htm) Dr. Clark has developed a technique called "plate zapping" (see here: http://www.drclark.net/info/info.htm). Also she found out about the importance of a group of chemicals called PCBs on immunity.

      This has been worked out with cancer patients who showed great results and the amount of supplements to be ingested could be reduced by a great deal. Now, Dr. Clark wants to use this new technique with AIDS patients.

      For that purpose, she wants to treat a series of 15 AIDS patients. The first three are already at the clinic. One of them was terminal with days to go. Within only ten days, she got him out of critical condition, with the viral load dropping from 750,000 to 3,400 in that short amount of time.

      If you are an AIDS patient, apply now at the Mexican clinic:
      P 01152-66-828215
      F 01152-66-834454

      They will tell you whether you qualify and what the requirements are. If you know an AIDS patient who might be interested, let them know of this rare opportunity.

      2.) Dr. Clark's Liver Flush

      http://www.drclark.net is constantly being expanded. The latest addition is Dr. Hulda Clark's Liver Flush. The Liver Flush will allow you to eliminate gall stones from the liver and gall bladder. You can now find the recipe here:

      You can also see pictures of stones others got out on the cleanse!

      The best news: This recipe is one of the most beneficial for overall health, and it is almost free.

      3.) A few words on the CODEX commission

      You may have heard about CODEX alimentarius, a WHO commission whose task it is to develop international standards for food. That sounds very beneficial, but CODEX is now being used by the large drug companies in an attempt to prohibit the free sale of vitamins and other supplements world wide. It is a serious threat to health freedom. Inform yourself and inform others. This is an important battle. It is like taking the back door into taking away our freedom by using the UN.

      An informational site conservatively critical of CODEX can be found here:

      The official CODEX site is here:

      Don't be deceived by the nice words the official site is using. Most members of the commission are enemies of alternative medicine and health freedom.

      4.) A couple of thoughts on online purchasing

      Last week I wanted to order a small device from a web site. It took a frustrating 15 minutes of filling out a number of forms and clicking one confirm button after the next. It was a good thing I needed only one item; every additional item would have required clicking through several additional pages. The final page said "to finalize your order, click the final confirmation button". Unfortunately, there was no confirmation button, so the order did not go through. I wrote an e-mail to the customer service department (I had a hard time finding the e-mail address) but have not heard back yet, a week later.

      I am sure if you have ever done on line purchasing you know of the frustrations it can bring.

      If you have ever purchased on our order site for vitamins or Dr. Clark's herbs, devices and formulas (http://www.drclark.net/utilities/b&p.htm), you will know that we have a simple one stop order form. Purchasing even dozens of different items is hardly more time consuming than ordering a single item.

      It is my firm belief that simplicity is the key to an enjoyable on line purchasing experience. We are now working on our new web design. I sent the programmers back to work because the on line shop they proposed was way too complicated. This has delayed the project but I believe it is in your interest.

      Also, our customer service standard is to answer all emails within 24 hours. We achieve this in about 96% of all cases, and 98.5% within two days. And as always, we guarantee you the purest health products available -- tested according to the high standards of Dr. Hulda Clark.

      5.) Testimonials

      As always you find a couple of recent testimonials on the bottom of this email. You are invitied to share your experiences also. Look for updates on our testimonials section on the web site: http://www.drclark.net/testimonials/testiframe.htm

      I am planning to update it gradually this month with many more testimonials.

      I wish you a beautiful and healthy Christmas time.

      David P. Amrein, MBA
      President, Dr. Clark Research Association

      "Dear David Amrein, have not had any E-Mails from you for quite some time now and I would like to let you know that since we applied 'plate' zapping to my friend, his condition improved such that he is again up and about and he phoned me a few days ago to let me know that he is able to take a 5 kilometer walk every day. He is still taking the Herbs and is hoping to show himself to his x-doctor soon, just to show that he is still in land of the living. He was given three months after they said that they could do nothing further for him.  The first person for whom I imported the herbs and a Zapper in March this year, was also written off by her Drs, she is just a sample of health since she started using these Herbs etc. in April. She will be returning the Zapper to me now and she also bought 'The Cure for all Advanced Cancers'. Our gratitude to Dr. H. Clark and all her helpers."

      Kosie du Buisson

      "Good Day! I recently purchased a Super Zapper for my sister and I. What a wonderful unit it is. I am prone to upper respiratory croup this time of year. I did a 'duration zap' upon first noticing the symptoms, 1 hour on, 1 hour off x3. The symptoms were gone by the third day! This is stuff that would normally last for several weeks on antibiotics. Michelle has recurrent bouts with herpes and was amazed to find complete remission after two days of 'duration zapping'."

      Phil Bacon

      "Dear People,

      My sister died of cancer 3 years ago. Today I stand proud in that I have passed on your information to a close friend who developed same and is making excellent progress 2 weeks to date. Tumour has regressed and he is off all painkillers. His toilet is back to normal. To you all I humbly thank, I am awed by Dr. Clark and her courage, and to my sister and her friends I appologize from the bottom of my heart. I searched everything written on cancer but didn't find the Net or Dr. Clark's work untill after she had died. How so totally ignorant of me! I am building the zappers and Syncrometers free of charge to anyone close to me who needs them."

      Brian Morris
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