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[gallstones] Is the flush dangerous?

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  • Agnes
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      Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 10:52:56 -0700
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      Subject: [gallstones] Is the flush dangerous?

      My understanding is that if you drink organic applejuice (1 gallon with 2
      oz. of phosphoric acid added, 4 oz. if you are over 50 or are particularly
      plugged up): drink 1 quart a day for 4 days prior; and you use epsom salts
      as the flushing agent (opens the bile ducts), you should have no problem.
      Some people add castor oil and heat packs to further relax the ducts. These
      two things combine to keep stones from getting stuck.

      Personally, I've felt a twinge or two while flushing but the size of the
      twinge did not correspond to the size of the stones flushed. The tine I got
      the big marbles out was painless; this last flush where I got boatloads of
      chaff, sludge and pea and lentil sized stones gave me occasional twinges. I
      passed brown peas, though, maybe they were harder than all the greenies and
      explained the twinges.

      I have to add that I was real apprehensive the first few times, now I don't
      bat an eye and I'm a real "princess and the pea" type.

      I do this for FMS and mercury toxicity, not for any gallstone problem
      although my doctor did mention his concern about stones at my last checkup.

      Hugs, Roseanna in NoCal; FMS/CFS always; hypothyroid (cytomel) 8/73, HG diet
      3/99, wheat/milk allergy 3/99, guai/robinul 8/99, whey 3/8 tsp 04/01,
      amalgams out 6/01, liver cleansing monthly
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