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[dentalcleanse] root canal Re: I had it pulled!

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  • Agnes
    Message From dentalcleanse@yahoogroups.com Message: 1 Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 23:30:35 -0400 From: Joyce Kehoe Subject: Re: I had it
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2001
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      Message From dentalcleanse@yahoogroups.com

      Message: 1
      Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 23:30:35 -0400
      From: "Joyce Kehoe" <joycekehoe@...>
      Subject: Re: I had it pulled!

      Hi Suzanne,

      Yeah, that's what I had had done a few years ago on that tooth I had
      extracted. I had an apicoectomy and I highly recommend that you don't waste
      your time or your health. Because the infection will still be there -- you
      will just become less aware of it. The whole darn endodontist thing is so
      silly to me. But I guess I'm biased now from learning so much about root
      canals and how dangerous they are to your health.

      The procedure cost $695. I am feeling SO much better since I had the tooth
      extracted. I was like desperately sick 2 full weeks before I had it pulled.
      I had no strength. I am 26 years old, mother to a 2-year-old, and it was
      almost impossible for me to do anything. It started out with just a cold,
      went to a hideous sinus infection that flared up the tooth/sinus area where
      I had had the root canal and apicoectomy performed. My body was just not
      healing. And I was in excruciating pain on my face. I had the tooth pulled
      and the infected bone cleaned out. A few days later, I didn't have pain
      anymore. I started to heal from my cold. I was so grateful. Also, right
      after I had the tooth pulled, I had this incredible feeling like my face had
      been exorcised or something. Like, "thank you GOD for getting this
      grossness out of me."

      I truly was grateful.

      And it wasn't just for the immediate relief but also for knowing that that
      latent infection wouldn't be in my body anymore to cause any other problems.

      I called Dr. George Meinig, the guy who wrote the Root Canal Cover Up. HE's
      the one who gave me the referral to the dentist I went to. He was in New
      York. The other one is in Reno, Nevada. But there are others on his list
      as well if you're in a different area. He just said that these two were the

      Dr. Robert Kulacz in White Plains, NY, and Dr. Hussar in Reno.

      My insurance didn't cover it but it's possible that yours might or that you
      might be able to acquire some that would.

      I'd like to have a replacement tooth put in some how but I haven't really
      researched all that yet to see what the safest route is. I know that you're
      supposed to wait 3 months for the site to totally heal though before getting
      a fake tooth.

      I would love to hear what you decide to do and to help out in any way if I


      > Hi Joyce,
      > Just wanted to ask a couple questions about your procedure, as I'm
      > thinking of having the same thing done. I have a root canal in one of
      > my molars and it's been causing me problems. My endodontist wants to
      > do a different procedure called an apicoectomy in which they flap up
      > my gum and clean the tooth out some more, then put AMALGAMS on top of
      > the roots. Yikes.
      > If you don't mid me asking, how much did the procedure cost, and did
      > your insurance cover it? Have you noticed any difference in as far as
      > the way you are feeling since the extraction? Are you planning to
      > have a bridge to replace the tooth or just leave it as is?
      > Thanks in advance for your help!
      > Sincerely,
      > Suzannah
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