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Liver and gallbladder cleanse - gallstones PART I

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    Testimonials from archives of gallstones@onelist.com PART I ... From: hyperspeed@altavista.net Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 10:08:37 -0400 (EDT) Subject:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 1999
      Testimonials from archives of


      PART I


      From: hyperspeed@...
      Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 10:08:37 -0400 (EDT)
      Subject: [gallstones] Finally got them out

      I am a 23 year old guy that recently spent two days
      hospitalized because my pain in the liver area had
      gotten worse and I also often woke up dizzy and in
      pain in the mornings.

      I have also constantly during the past 5 months had
      back and neck pain and a very strange pain
      in my right arm. My mother found a recipe in some
      old natural medicine book for gallstone flushing and
      I immediately said I did not want to try it and
      that I don't believe in that kind of natural medicine

      Surfing the web some day later I found this
      recipe with olive oil and lemon juice so I decided
      to try it but since we don't have Epsom salts here
      in Sweden I used fresh apple juice instead.

      I drank the olive oil/lemon juice the night before I
      went to the hospital and thought that if any gallstones
      will come out I want the doctor to take a look at them.

      The next day when I was in the hospital I went to the
      bathroom in the morning but there were no gallstones
      in the stool so my immediate reaction was that it didn't
      work and I thought that I did not have any stones and that
      the method must be some kind of hoax.

      In the evening,
      when I was lying in the hospital bed I felt some pressure and
      pain from the lower art of my stomach so I went to the toilet
      and I was shocked when I saw my stool, there was about 200
      gallstones in my stool, all floating at the surface of the water.

      My first reaction was to ask the nurse to come in and take a look
      but I realized it would have been rather sick to ask someone to
      look at your stool so I took a plastic cup and collected about 15
      gallstones from the stool, the largest stone was about 2.5 cm in size.

      The next morning when the doctors had their morning round and
      they came in to my room I showed them the stones and immediately
      one of them(who was a professor in medicine) said that it was
      impossible so I got rather upset and asked them to send the gallstones
      to their lab for an analyzes and they said I was ridiculous and
      the professor said ironically to me that it was a medical sensation
      and that maybe I should call the press, at that point I was very upset
      and told him that with that attitude maybe he shouldn't be practicing
      medicine. They left my room after deciding to give me a CT-scan
      and a coloscopy. Later during the day one of the doctors that had
      been in my room that morning came up to me and said that they had agreed
      to send the gallstones for analyzes. During that day I had the CT-scan
      and the coloscopy without any results so I was released from the
      and am now waiting for a letter from the hospital about the
      gallstone - analyzes.

      It will be very interesting to see what their next
      move will be in my case, if they will ignore me after sending me the
      results from the gallstone -analyzes or if they will follow my case up
      make some changes in their system.

      I am now waiting one more week to do my second flush because I still
      have some back-pain and pain from the liver area, but my pains are
      compared to what they used to be before the first flush.

      I am spreading the word about this to my friends and relatives and now
      everybody want to try this flushing thing, I really hope that finally
      there will be a mass of people that have done this flush and that can
      some pressure on the hospital bureaucracy to make some changes in their
      narrow-minded system.

      Best regards Boris

      Message: 1
      Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 08:11:48 -0400 (EDT)
      From: hyperspeed@...
      Subject: To Kelly Re: Digest Number 132

      The gallstone cleanse is not harmful unless you have kidney problems of
      some kind because the kidneys have to take a pretty heavy load during
      cleanse, it is wisely to do the kidney cleanse before the gallstone
      cleanse. Also remember that after several flushes you will no longer get
      stones from the gallbladder, you might not even have had any stones in
      gallbladder, but the stones that you will flush out are dark green and
      from the liver, in the medical world they are known as intrahepatic
      stones that are formed in the liver and get stuck in the bile ducts of
      liver. The flow of bile does not work properly, the metabolism does not
      work properly and that results in poor digestion and metabolism. These
      stones are not hard calcified stones that people who have gallstones in
      gallbladder have but these stones are soft and are made up of 95% pure
      cholesterol and bile salts. Remember that the liver is the human #1
      metabolic organ and it cannot work properly when it is clogged with
      When I went on a ultrasound the doctor said I have fat-structures in my
      liver(fatty liver) and it practically means that the liver is full of
      stones, though they are not visible on ultrasound because they are
      "fatstones". If fat was visible on ultrasound the doctors
      would never be
      able to look through the fat-layer all humans have on their stomach.
      Doctors might also argue that if there were any stones in the bile ducts
      then they even if they do not show up on ultrasound or x-ray must cause
      walls of the bile ducts to become unsmooth and lumpy because stones are
      stuck there, but these stones are soft and fit perfectly in the bile
      like a hand in a glove.
      After my 4 cleansings I have lost 40 pounds and my digestion and
      hasn't been this good since I was a child. I really recommend it to
      everyone who has not tried it. Try it Kelly! you will not regret it.


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      Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 09:37:36 -0400
      From: "Alexa Chisholm" <alexa@...>
      Subject: RE: Hello

      Hi Kim,

      I've done the cleanse 4 times and gotten a lot of stones out. I was
      urgent surgery last October, but my pain has gone away and my digestion
      keeps getting better ;-).



      Date: 23 Jun 1999 22:11:47 -0000
      To: gallstones@onelist.com
      From: jansp@...
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      Subject: [gallstones] It WORKED!!! OK - got some questions:

      From: jansp@...

      Hi All - I'm amazed - I'm truly amazed... did the organic apple cider
      (one gallon a day first two days, 3/4 gallon the third before doing the
      epsom salt/organic olive oil and fresh grapefruit therapy as described
      that night; last night actually) and while there was indeed chaff and
      "floaties" the second day of apple cider, it was nothing
      compared to the
      very real "cleansing" i've been experiencing today! And there
      really was
      NO PAIN!!! I had been quite scared of that... The epsom salt stuff
      did it's trick... (For those in the US, check out Rite Aid Drug Stores
      their label of epsom salt -- their packaging does describe it being used
      a natural laxative, though the package describes much smaller dosages
      this protocal calls for. It was nice to find that confirmation though,
      that epsom salts can indeed be taken "internally"; packaging
      usually is
      covered with warnings about it being for "external use only".
      I found that
      confirmation to be reassuring. Also, for anybody about to do this, or
      those who still are, I highly recommend finding *Organic* Olive Oil --
      actually tasted GOOD with the fresh squeezed grapefruit juice -- Whole
      Foods Markets (a chain store in California) was the source of the one I
      used. )

      OK, now - I gotta know! I don't wish to be gross in the least here, but
      just what is/was all that stuff now cleaned out of me?! All told, there
      were quite literally hundreds of green blobbies and brownish blobbies
      as advertised!) that when placed in a plastic bag squished flat with
      little finger pressure - upon close inspection when squished, they
      like conglomerations of little zeros really, but there was no substance
      resistence to the touch... Then there were also quite a few that were
      of a foggy-amber or butterscotch color, that did squish to the touch but
      would NOT squish flat -- there was some sort of core substance to them,
      the feel of it through the plastic bag, and they were not nearly as
      translucent as the other blobbies... were these the actual
      "stones" and
      the blobbies something else (fat or mucus bits from somewhere maybe) or
      they count as gallstones too?? I know in theory the apple cider was to
      soften them... would this explain the difference, if there is any?
      enlighten me somebody - I know for sure I'm not going to get answers to
      this anywhere else...! I just need to know a bit more of what I'm
      to "see" in there, so I might know better how well it's doing
      for me... or
      even WHAT it's doing for me... especially since it's clear this is only
      the first of many more times to come, if I'm understanding it right...

      Also - to any and all who have posted their stories and questions here
      before, I can't thank you enough -- it was so incredibly helpful to find
      them on the web yesterday as I thought about doing this... and it made a
      huge difference in my finally deciding to go through with it, in spite
      my fears. Thank you in advance for any enlightenment on this --
      Sincerely, Jan Spell


      From: Jomma@...
      Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 14:04:47 EDT
      To: gallstones@onelist.com
      Mailing-List: gallstones@onelist.com
      Subject: [gallstones] Clueless in Stones

      From: Jomma@...

      Hi all.
      Thank you Dusan for leading me here to this wonderful place. I have a
      question for anyone with knowledge.
      I have done the Hulda Clark method of liver cleansing twice.
      The first time (about a month ago) I passed what looked like an
      mess of fishing line.

      Terrible I know. I had been on a parasite cleanse for two months and
      I had killed everything, I guess I was wrong. Also, the night I did the
      cleanse I felt very very sick.....I needed to throw up, but restrained
      all my might. I did not see any stones.

      Last night I did another cleanse....this time I had diarrhea in the
      middle of
      the night.

      (The first time I don't think the epson salts helped my bowels at
      only time I went to the bathroom was to pass the parasites). Anyhow, I
      don't think I saw any stones again. Luckily, no parasites either.

      I was wondering how big are these stones? Tiny, visible, large? I saw
      of whitish tan substance, but really not much of anything floating on

      Also, I have a constant slight uncomfortable feeling on my right
      am guessing my liver or gallbladder)....Did I stir something up? It is
      painful, just uncomfortable. Perhaps I have a giant stone wedged in

      What to do now?
      Thanks in advance!
      Jeanne Marie

      From: Jomma@...
      Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 20:16:12 EDT
      To: gallstones@onelist.com
      Subject: [gallstones] Frustrated

      From: Jomma@...

      I have tried three unsuccessful liver cleanses. The first one I passed
      nothing but parasites and felt very ill.

      The second time I passed one very light tan stone.

      The third time I passed a few tan stones, but none green and very few.

      What am I doing wrong?

      I am following Hulda Clark's method to a tee.

      The last two times, though I did not get sick, I felt very tired and had
      terrible headache.
      Can anyone help???:

      Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 06:15:29 -0400
      From: The Hazels In Virginia <hazelsinvirginia@...>
      Organization: THE HAZEL FAMILY
      To: dusan@...
      Subject: liver stones

      I have now done the liver cleanse 5 times and have gotten several
      thousand stones out. WHat I watn to knwo is what causes them to form in
      the body in the first place and how to prevent them from recurring. MIne
      developed after hip surgery and I am wondering if it was a reaction form
      all the drugs given to me in the hospital because it was after that that
      I became jaundice. I would appreciate any infromation you might have
      regarding this matter.

      Melinda HAzel


      Message: 8 digest 2
      Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 11:45:14 EST
      From: Kenyor@...
      Subject: Here's my story

      I gusss I'll introduce myself briefly. I've already talked with Alexa
      and my
      hat is off to you with all of those Drs in your family. I know how hard
      it is
      to go against the beliefs and wishes of your family when it comes to
      gallstones and surgery.

      To make a long story short.....I was diagnosed with one gallstone in my
      gallbladder in July of 98. The Dr. said you can't pass gallstones. So I
      searched the web for any and all information to the contrary. I couldn't
      one bit of fat...zero..nada..zilch, without pain. So needless to say I
      about 8-10 pounds just with changing my diet. I'm 31, not overweight,
      eat a lot of bad things at the time (or so I thought) and didn't fit the
      "profile" of a person predisposed to getting gallstones. I
      know different now.
      Well I'm on my 4th Doctor now, armed with probably more information than
      general practitioners about gallstones. I decided to go to a
      Doctor. He put me on supplements..beet concentrate, magnesium, ox bile,
      and a
      couple of others to help break down the fat. In addition I had been
      some Chinese Herbs that helped soften the stones before my flushes.

      All in all since July I have done about 7 or 8 flushes with great
      results and
      have been taking fresh flax seed oil ( 2 tbsp) in my hot cereal every
      for the past 3 weeks. I will say that the flax oil has helped the most.
      have tested my ability to handle fat and to my astonishment have been
      able to
      eat without pain.( And this is just in the last 3 weeks or so) I was
      Dusan it's like getting out of prison!!

      My gallstones have been a blessing in disguise. I now know so much more
      detoxing the body, eating better and listening to my body.

      I had to fight an uphill battle. My fiance was totally against me doing
      flushes and my family wanted me to pluck my gallbladder out. Eric and I
      been together for 12 years and I had to test my mental and emotional
      with him about my gallbladder. You should see the kitchen counter. It
      like a pharmacy with all my supplements and amber bottles of Chinese
      But somehow I knew that when the Doctor said" you don't pass
      gallstones, and
      surgery is your only option" I knew I couldn't just take him at his
      After all he didn't know me or my body. How could he? He spent a total
      of 15
      minutes with me.

      Anyway I could ramble on but I wont. Thanks Dusan for creating this
      where we can all support each other.

      Robin Kenyon
      Oh and I just moved from Tucson Az. to Houston Tx.


      From: Kenyor@...
      Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 15:19:45 EST
      To: gallstones@onelist.com
      Subject:  Another flush!

      It's Robin from Houston.

      I had another gallbladder attack 2 days ago so I decided it was time for
      another flush. This was my 9th or 10th one. I've done so many since July
      that I've lost count. This one was by far the most successful one I've
      In my previous flushes I've done the apple juice fast before and some
      it. I've done the Magnesium and not done it. This time I drank organic
      juice for a couple of weeks along with my regular meals and the night of
      flush (last night) took 4 magnesium pills 200 milligrams each 2 hours
      before I
      drank the blend of oil/fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. I must say that
      never get used to the taste YUCK!

      This morning I hit paydirt! Eric (my other half) doesn't like me to talk
      about it but I know everyone here will find this titillating
      conversation:)! I
      drank prune juice early this morning about 6 am and later in the morning
      my first sightings of soooo many emerald green gallstones. There were
      8-10 stones measuring 1/2 inch long and 1/4 wide. Those were my biggest
      And a lot of little ones. And chaff too. If I were to guess I probably
      between 70 + green ones and that's being conservative. It's taken me
      since I
      first started having attacks about 7-8 months to get to this point. I
      have had a very very congested gallbladder and liver.

      To those of you who are still struggling with this in the early stages,
      give up!
      With a little persistance and knowledge about your body you can heal it
      without surgery!



      Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 08:10:36 -0500
      To: gallstones@onelist.com
      From: shouse@... (Sharon L. House)
      Subject: [gallstones] green blobs

      "I saw floating green blobs in the water, about five of them"

      I have done a number of liver flushes myself and except for the last 2
      times I also saw floating green blobs in the water. I was very excited
      happy about it.

      Then I read in a couple of different places that the green blobs are
      congealed olive oil. I didn't want to believe it. I thought they HAD to
      wrong. Then in the last 2 flushes I did I saw what were unmistakably
      stones. They were about the size of small grapes and were real well
      They definitely looked like they had been hard stones that had softened.
      The outsides of them looked whiteish and rather rough, just like you
      expect hard stones that had been softened.
      Also I didn't pass these immediately after getting up in the morning.
      I passed them thruout the day after I'd started eating.

      Hope this helps in some way.



      Subject: My experience with gallstones flush
      Message: 7 digest 2
      Date: Tue, 09 Feb 1999 08:31:43 -0800
      From: Shelley Charlesworth

      I did a 'liver cleanse' or flush 9 months ago.

      Prior to doing it, I did not have any symptoms of gallstones nor
      did I have an ultrasound.

      I'm a healthy, active 51 year old woman. I
      just had always been curious to try a gallbladder flush
      to see if anything would come out- as they say most everyone
      has these gallstones and it's good to get them OUT.

      I did the flush at about 9:30 p.m. And I vomited about 12;30!!! I
      thought oh hell, what an un-pleasant waste of time BUT the next
      morning I DID pass some gelatinous looking things that were greenish -
      about 35 or 40 of them-none larger than a small pea.
      I felt lousey - bloated and not hungry at all the next day.
      But the day after that I felt great-20 years younger!!

      I think I vomited because I ate some plain white rice and drank some
      carrot juice about 5pm. I did not do enough reading
      prior to doing the flush. I have been researching various
      liver/gallbladder cleanses since then and most say NOT to eat all day
      and to drink organic apple juice and only that for at least 5 days

      I took only 4oz of fresh squeezed lemon juice followed by 4 oz of olive
      oil at about 10 pm. I nearly gagged **YUK** at the time - it was most
      un-pleasant drinking all that oil!! And of course,
      as mentioned, later I vomited!!! more **YUK**!!

      In the last 3 months I have had an intermittent
      feeling of tightness in the area of my liver -
      it is not a pain - and I have no nausea
      and I can eat fried foods without a problem.
      But I read about the smaller stones coming
      up and clogging the ducts if you
      do not do additional cleanses after the first, & this makes me
      if that is what is happening to me???

      I have been taking a drink of lemon juice
      and olive oil and a little WATER AND OJ

      I plan to do some more flushes - drinking lots of organic apple juice
      for a week prior to flushing and using castor oil packs on the
      each night for 2 weeks. I plan to follow the Hulda Clark protocol.

      I think the right idea is to get the fresh grapefruit juice (instead of
      and oil together in a jar and shake together then drink
      and close the lid and shake again & keep shaking after each swallow.
      Drinking all that STRAIGHT oil was horrible.

      I want to keep my gallbladder - I read that people
      who have their gallbladders removed have a 4x increase
      in colon cancer.



      Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 18:12:04 -0800
      From: Charlesworth <charlesworth@...>
      Subject: [gallstones] Gallbladder flush

      From:  Charlesworth <charlesworth@...>
      Last Friday I ate a no-fat breakfast
      and a plain baked potato for lunch.
      Also drank some apple juice. I had been
      drinking lots of organic apple juice daily
      since Monday. I had also used a castor oil pack
      nightly since Monday on my liver for one hour.

      At 4 o'clock I mixed up 4 T epsom salts
      in 3 cups water in a glass jar and
      put it in the refrig. to chill
      then I took an enema.

      At 6pm I drank a cup of the epsom salt mixture.
      Used a big straw. At 8 pm I drank another

      At 9:45 I mixed up 3/4 cup olive oil
      and 3/4 cup fresh squeezed grapefruit juice
      in a glass jar with a lid.
      I took it in the bedroom.
      Got ready for bed - drank the
      oil & juice mixture and got in bed and went to sleep.
      I awoke around midnight, tossed & turned a bit
      but went back to sleep. No nausea.
      At 6 am I awoke and went to the toilet.

      I had a very watery elimination
      with lots of stones - none larger than
      a pea and many small ones -
      like sand! I drank the last cup
      of the epsom salt mix and
      I went back to bed until
      about 8. At 8 am I had another
      elimination of watery stool and more stones.

      I felt tired and wrung out and
      bloated. No energy or
      appetite. Back to bed until
      about 10. At 10 I got up
      eliminated again - more
      sand-like stones. Took
      a rest sitting outside in the sunshine
      for 1/2 hour - drank some apple juice.
      Then took long bath. Back to bed.
      At noon I ate a banana and had more apple juice.
      Just rested in bed and read until 4pm.

      At about 4 I took 2 enemas - a regular one
      then a coffee retention enema.

      I ate some plain white rice around 6 and a
      small salad. Went to bed early - 8:30pm

      On Sunday I awoke and felt VERY GOOD!!
      Lots of energy and good appetite. Went
      for a swim - ate a small breakfast
      and took 2 more enemas - a cleansing one and then a coffee
      retention one. Went for a one hour hike around the lake
      in the late afternoon.

      Have felt excellent since then - digestion
      is improved. Energy excellent!!
      I am a 51 year old active woman in good health.
      I did one flush prior to this one
      almost a year ago.

      I have NONE of the so
      called "risk factors" for gallstones.

      I am tall & thin - 5' 8"
      118 lbs

      I am and always have been physically active. I swim and walk daily.
      My cholesterol is low and I have eaten an almost all
      vegetarian diet for the last 12 years.

      I am female and I am FIFTY-one.

      I am not flatulent and I had heard it was
      fat-female-forty and FAIR.



      Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 08:16:54 -0700
      From: Alan & Shelley Charlesworth <charlesworth@...>
      To: gallstones@onelist.com
      Subject: [gallstones] 4th flush this year

      From: Alan & Shelley Charlesworth <charlesworth@...>

      Night before last I did my 4th flush of '99.
      Got many stones out once again.
      I preceeded the flush with 4 days of drinking
      lots of organic apple juice.
      The day of the flush, I fasted and
      took an enema at about 5 pm. At 6pm
      and again at 8pm I drank about 3/4 cup of a water
      and Epsom salt mix. At 9:45 I took
      3/4 cup of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice
      with 1/2 cup olive oil shaken together.
      The next morning early there were many stones
      eliminated. Later in the morning, I took a coffee
      enema and more stones came out. Felt good-
      even went for a swim and a walk - but
      took it easy the rest of the day. Last night
      about 7pm I took another coffee enema and
      a few more stones were eliniated.
      Feel great today! Going swimming and hiking!!



      Subject: This recipe
      Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 10:17:21 -0400 (EDT)
      From: donci@...
      To: mycleanse@...

      I've been using a recipe by Dr. Clark. Can't complain.
      In six months I flushed out 31,963 (!) stones.
      Not as large as my thumb, but many as large as 30 mm.
      Usually as soft as putty. Usually green. And never feel a thing.
      Gotten rid of ALL of my food allergies. Permanently.

      Haven't tried NOT taking Epsom salt the day after. But tried fresh,
      pure, UNfiltered apple juice. Didn't like it.

      The fibrous stuff in the juice remains undigested, floats in the toilet,
      and interferes with my stone count.

      Tried lemon juice. Got more stones out. But I didn't like it. Burned my
      lips and mouth.

      I lie on my LEFT side. Makes better anatomical sense to me. Dr.Clark's
      advises "lie on your BACK". Your friend's advises "lie on
      your RIGHT".
      Also, persistent "zapping" and not taking any drugs or
      vitamins make
      more difference than most of us realize.

      Warm regards,


      Message: 4
      Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 20:21:22 -0400
      From: "Robert K. McMullan" <mcfam12@...>
      Subject: Re: GALLSTONE FLUSH

      Hey there. I encountered no problems with the flush. I drink apple
      for a few days prior. the day of the flush fast after 2 or 3. at about
      drink the epsom, again at 9. then the olive oil and lemon and go to bed
      11. No pain at all. I am tired the next day until around evening time.
      have done that flush twice and a different one another time. Good luck.



      Message: 5
      Date: Sat, 09 Oct 1999 10:31:38 -0400
      From: Robert McMullan <mcfam12@...>
      Subject: Re: Digest Number 132

      Hey, I believe it does get rid of stones. Hopefully ppl will reply who
      had follow up ultrasounds showing no more stones.

      I have done three cleanses and passed numerous stones. They looked like
      stones shown in a pic of a gallbladder full of stones.

      My stones were described as moderately large. The largest I passed was
      size of a garbanzo bean. I also am taking herbs to dissolve. I have
      an MD state that stones can be passed. My feeling was, would God make an
      organ that could possibly form stones that the stones couldn't pass out
      Maybe I'm just weird. Course eating a diet low in fat would help the
      symptoms. Oh, well I'm rambling. I say try it, if it worked for hundreds
      other ppl it might work for you.

      Message: 2
      Date: Wed, 03 Nov 1999 08:49:42 -0400
      From: Robert McMullan <mcfam12@...>
      Subject: Re: Gallstone -pain

      Teri, I usually feel tired for about a day or so after the flush. With
      taking the epsoms, it is a good idea to be near the restroom!
      Good luck! I will be doing one Friday evening. I have been having a lot
      symptoms lately, so I know there are stones in there dying to get out!



      Message: 1
      Date: Fri, 05 Nov 1999 08:39:51 -0400
      From: Robert McMullan <mcfam12@...>
      Subject: Re: New & Just looking for info and help

      Hey unloved. I am so sorry for your problems. You came to the right
      If you go on down below there are a couple of sites you can read about
      gallbladders. And also cleanses and flushes to rid the gb of stones. I
      getting ready to do my 4th flush tonight. Fun, fun, fun. People are glad
      talk and answer questions and share stories. Good luck.
      Laura (And there is Someone who loves you)


      Message: 7
      Date: Sat, 9 Oct 1999 22:39:46 EDT
      From: Dgs32@...
      Subject: Re: New member

      I have had gallstones for approximately 15 years. The first time I did
      flush, I had to do it several times and I got out literally thousands of
      stones. The last ones came out all clumped together about the size of
      fist. It was absolutely painless. I made sure that I drank apple juice
      two weeks before I ever drank the olive oil. Since then I try to do the
      flush every six months only now I don't always drink the apple juice and
      still have no problems. If I would only change my diet I probably
      have to keep doing it, but I always feel wonderful after I do.


      Message: 2
      Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 15:14:00 EDT
      From: Dgs32@...
      Subject: Re: Gallstone Treatment from Dr. Mercola's website

      Replying to Rebecca's question regarding getting a colon infection after
      gallstone cleanse. I have not experienced that, but, I have been doing
      cleanse on a relatively regular basis for 16 years and many times I will
      a lot of bladder irritation and/or kidney pain. This indicates to me
      that I
      need to clean my kidneys out before I do the gallbladder flush.. I
      suspect you need a colon cleanse before any more liver and gallbladder
      cleanses. Check out http://home.sol.no/~dusan/index.html and
      click on Dr. Richard Schultz and it will tell you the order to cleanse
      your whole system gets maximum benefit. Hopes this helps.



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      Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 07:11:59 +1000
      From: Rebecca Woiwade <lilacful@...>
      Subject: Re: Gallstone Treatment from Dr. Mercola's website


      I did the Gallstone cleanse on the weekend. I got some good sized
      stones out,
      proberly about 80 in number. I am planning to do the 5 flushes program
      because I
      know there are more there.. My friends were really impressed with the
      flush as
      well, and are planning on doing a flush themselves. They havent seen my
      skin so
      clear and healthy in a long time!

      Anyway, now I have a infection of the bowel??? Has anyone experienced
      thing after a cleanse? Any comments, suggestions welcome.


      Rebecca Woiwade
      From the land DownUnder


      J. 12 September 1999
      Colorado Springs, USA"

      "It was great hearing from you. Dr. S. is really a sweetheart and
      been a great support for me in the past. Unfortunately I don't see very
      of him anymore since we've been following Dr. Clark's cleansing
      programs. He
      said if all his patients got on the "program" he wouldn't
      have many patients
      left. Even he was amazed with my progress. However the BIG
      improvement was
      with our daughter, K.

      Let me tell you a little about her. All through her life she has had
      and colon problems. They kept getting worse and worse. We took her to
      medical doctors of all specialties in hopes of finding someone that
      help her. She would have, what we started referring to as,
      "attacks". These
      started in her teen years. The pain in her abdomen was so severe that
      would lie on the floor in a fetal position and cry in pain. We would
      her to the emergency unit. She could not walk; we would have to carry
      They could never find anything wrong and after a while, the pain would
      subside and we would take her home. She would vacillate between bouts
      diarrhea and constipation. She was such a happy, talented girl that our
      hearts would break for her when we saw her in such pain. She was always
      small and very attractive, as well as a talented vocalist. She had so
      going for her and yet suffered so from these "mysterious"
      attacks. She also
      started experiencing severe migraines in her senior year of high school,
      through college and into her adult years. Over the years, the attacks
      the migraines came more frequently making her afraid to go anywhere.
      was really difficult since in twenties she had become a national
      traveling frequently. She trained herself to give seminars with
      She was successful but miserable because of her physical condition.

      After she got married, she and her husband moved to Las Vegas. Her
      continued to worsen until she stopped eating altogether because she
      could not
      process food at all. She was getting desperate. She got down to 100
      and we became very worried about her. One day a friend told her about a
      M., who was quite well known and who had specialized in liver
      He had written a couple of books, including one on migraine headaches.
      though he was a MD, he studied and dispensed homeopathic medicine. She
      to see him and he told her that the migraines were from her liver and
      testing her said that she was allergic to almost all foods--all dairy,
      sugar, wheat, soy, etc. Her liver was not functioning at all. He gave
      some liver medicine and put her on a strict diet. There was so little
      could eat that she had a woman prepare her food specially for her
      including any of the foods she was allergic to. She still looked so
      because of her food restrictions. She held tight to her diet just to
      survive. Also during this time, she found a colonic therapist that
      working with her. For the first few times she went to her, the
      therapist was
      amazed that she could not get anything to come out.

      Then in April, K. and her husband moved back to Colorado Springs. She
      out a colonic therapist here and it just happens that the therapist she
      believed that physical problems came from parasites. She gave her a
      to help kill them and K. started passing small parasites. She was so
      at seeing these parasites, she urged me and my husband to go. Well,
      before I
      would do anything so drastic as getting a colonic, I had to know more
      it. So I got on the Internet and put in the words "colon" and
      Dr. Hulda Clark's name kept coming up over and over. So we went out and
      her book, "The Cure for All Diseases". I immediately ordered
      three of the
      parasite cleanse packages. Because of a mix-up, we only got one at
      first and
      I gave it to my daughter and got her started. I also ordered a zapper.
      started both, along with a Super Colon Cleanser. She started getting
      results. Just after using the zapper, she passed an 8 inch liver worm
      1 inch in diameter. Then they just started coming daily. She got
      liver worm with a HUGE blood fluke suckered to it. When she went to her
      colonic, she passed many, many blood flukes, each about the size of a
      quarter. Then later at home, she passed a 40 inch worm with a diameter
      little larger than a pencil. It has been three months, and she is still
      passing worms--- lots of them and many quite large. She is on the
      maintenance program but is doing the other cleansing programs, one at a
      Weekend before last, she did the liver cleanse and passed a lot of
      toxins as
      well as 600 or so stones. Her stones were dark, dark green, almost
      She called me from Washington State today (she has a speaking engagement
      there) and she says she feels terrific.

      About 2 weeks after she started on Dr. Clark's programs, she found she
      now eat everything and she has no migraines or attacks. She is a new
      However, the thing she is most delighted with is the fact that she is
      ovulating. She has been trying to get pregnant for the past 2.5 years
      tests showed she wasn't ovulating. Shortly after she started Dr.
      program and just after the first 2 liver worms came out along with all
      blood flukes, she could feel her body changing mid-month. We finally
      out that she was ovulating!! She and her husband didn't want her to
      pregnant during the cleansings so they took precautions. However after
      liver cleanse, she felt she was ready and so she tested herself
      mid-month and
      sure enough, she was ovulating. She was so excited. It is too soon to
      if she is pregnant but she is confident that it won't be long.

      My heart is so happy for her. She is such a joy and has blessed so many
      others in her short 29 years. Thank you, Dr. Clark, for giving her life
      to her. Our prayers have been answered! She has gained weight and even
      though worms continue to come out of her, she feels she has certainly

      Our own testimonies pale to hers, but my husband and I have gotten great
      results also. My husband passed a 24" liver worm. I have passed
      many, many
      lung flukes (and continue to do so) and no longer have trouble speaking
      the mornings because of phlegm in my lung and throat. Diabetes has
      run in my family ( I was even pre-diabetic when pregnant with my
      I passed many pancreatic flukes so I am quite confident that I won't
      from diabetes.

      We are telling many of our friends who have been experiencing severe
      problems and they have had phenomenal results. A son of one of our
      was so sick that he had even contemplated suicide. Only K. could
      him to try this alternative treatment. After a week, he called me to
      that he had gotten his life back. He was only 29 and for the first
      time in
      many years, he felt like it. Another friend of K.'s who has been
      with brain cancer at 29 years listened to K. and is now in touch with
      Clark's staff. She has been using the zapper and following the
      parasite-cleansing program along with chemo. Hopefully, she will
      wonderful results too.

      I hope this as inspiring to you as it has been to us. Please pass our
      thanks on to Dr. Clark.

      J. 12 September 1999
      Colorado Springs, USA
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