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Nematodes are never investigated as the cause of asthma

Hi, Nematode larvae are very small, yet they're never investigated as the cause of asthma (as Dr. Hulda Clark identified). They're injected into the
Oct 26, 2010

Any success with Dr Hulda Clark's zapper

Just looking for some success stories from using the zapper. I just got one and have been using it for about 4 days. I don't have any really bad health
Jul 29, 2007

Looking for material on Sclerology

HEllo everyone , does anyone here have a Workshop book from Jack Tips on Sclerology or Physical Iridology 1 and 2,Sclerology Manual Instructor's Cd Set by
Jun 6, 2006

Statistics about people who are doing liver flushes

Statistics about people who are doing liver flushes: 81% never consulted an MD before flushing 65% never consulted an alt-med health professional before
Jun 2, 2006

CureZone Newsletter Issue 174: Fibromyalgia, Panic Attacks, Asthma,

CureZone Newsletter Issue 174: Fibromyalgia, Panic Attacks, Asthma, CFS, Acid Re Almost all the "Fibromyalgia type" symptoms I was suffering from ... by telman
Mar 10, 2006

"Tim Bolen" Featured on "Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory"...

I'd highly recommend this! Listen if you can. Cindy Charlebois Normal, Illinois ... From: Millions of Health Freedom Fighters - Newsletter
Vic & Cindy
Sep 30, 2005

URGENT! Benninghoff needs your help! PLEASE WRITE ONE LETTER OR E

ATTENTION ALTERNATIVE HEALTH FREEDOM SUPPORTERS! The letter, to the presiding Judge of the Appeals Court, needs to be written A.S.A.P.! See link, below, for
Vic & Cindy
Sep 4, 2005

CAFTA will end access to supplements

http://www.thenewamerican.com/artman/publish/article_1800.shtml The vote is this week. To contact your U.S. Representative, go to www.house.gov Scott Darby
Scott Darby
Jul 21, 2005


I'm seeking a cure for my hiv can anyone help me PLEASE send me info what i need to do is there a book if so where do i get it asslover1012@...
Jul 21, 2005

Need contact with originators of testimonials

Hi I live in the UK and need people who have testimonials to be willing to email communicate with my brother by email, and other means if possible. My brother
Dec 13, 2004

Re: asthma turn around

Is Dr. Clark still alive and where is the Dr. Clark clinic. How can I get information on the clinic? I have been using her Zapper, how long should a person
Oct 31, 2004

asthma turn around

How lucky we are to know about Dr. Clark's research findings! For me, early malaria and tons of quinine hampered my immune system. At one point I remember
Oct 26, 2004

Issue 149: Breast Cancer, Acne, Acid Reflux, Sunlight, Vaccines

Educating Instead of Medicating Issue 149: Breast Cancer, Acne, Acid Reflux, Sunlight, Vaccines, Frozen Shoulder, Diabetes, Rife Conference, Sinus Problems,
Oct 20, 2004

A herbal remedy specially formulated to slove the problems of acne

Fast acne relief tablets remove toxic from the affected area leaving your skin glowing acne free
Sep 2, 2004

Re: Digest Number 205

Thank you. Can u tell me if Yoghurt is ok to consume or not. Im not sure if good for a gout sufferer as one website says to eat yoghurt..tks, Alan ... Do you
alan woods
Aug 25, 2004
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