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Permit parking surcharge to pay for neighborhood improvements?

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  • sealzachary
    Would you like to create a Neighborhood Benefits District for the Downtown Lake Merritt neighborhood? Here s how it would work: a $5-$10 surcharge would be
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 14, 2008
      Would you like to create a "Neighborhood Benefits District" for the Downtown Lake Merritt neighborhood?  Here's how it would work: a $5-$10 surcharge would be added to our annual Area F permit parking fee.  The funds raised from this surcharge would finance neighborhood improvements, such as tree plantings, sidewalk repair and landscaping, road repaving, bus shelter improvements, sidewalk furniture (such as benches on some of the wide sidewalks in our neighborhood), and other improvements.  

      There are currently 460 parking permits in Area F, which means that about $2,300 ($5 surcharge) or $4,600 ($10 surcharge) would be generated annually for neighborhood improvements.  An Advisory Board of residents living in the Area F zone and would be appointed by our councilmember.  The Advisory Board would decide how the money generated by the surcharge would be spent. Everybody in the neighborhood would have an opportunity to provide input on how the money should be used.

      CLICK HERE  to vote in favor of or against the surcharge to finance neighborhood improvements.  You must live on Lakeside, Madison, Jackson, or Alice between 14th & 19th; or 15th, 17th or 19th between Lakeside and Alice.

      NOTE: If you voted in the previous poll for this surcharge, please vote again.  The choices have been revised, which reset the poll.

      Email zachseal@gmail if you have questions/comments.
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